13 Inspirational Quotes For Fighting Sexual Assault And Victim Shaming

Sexual assault is never okay. Even though some survivors can remain silent for years before sharing their stories, the act is in no way acceptable.

In the past, however, the issue seemed to get overlooked. Many women were subjected to being sexually harassed and assaulted by men who felt they were right and were seeking positions of power.

Sadly, years have passed with a society that would rather sweep things under the rug than face these wrongdoings head on. Without support, even powerful women fell into the silence that follows a sexual assault.

Today’s world is changing, but unfortunately, sexual assault still happens every day. People are starting to talk more about this, but it’s still not getting to a point where there’s a solution.

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As long as sexual harassment and assault continues to happen, and as long as people still think it’s okay, even a little bit, then everyone is still in danger of this happening to them.

We need to listen to the survivors as they gather the untold amount of courage it takes to speak up and say “me too”. We need to fight for people who can’t fight for themselves. Something has to be done to make a change.

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