15 Comedy Pet Photography Awards Finalists

A very distinguished lama, a “driving” dog and some apparently headless cats are among the comical images that made it to the short list of the 2022 global animal photo contest. Comedy Pet Photography Awards.

Humorous photos of furry animal friends from around the world were chosen from hundreds of entries submitted to the contest from 70 countries.

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Nilo is a 10 month old adopted puppy. He was hit by a car and almost died. Already recovered, in the photo he has just discovered water for the first time. His capers and pirouettes show his passion for water, clearly love at first drop.

Carter (below) was on a euthanasia list in California. “We flew in from Chicago to rescue him,” Jovanovic said. This was the first time he experienced snow. As he can see, he couldn’t believe what he had been missing all these years.”

The fun competition was created by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, both professional photographers, to celebrate the positive and vital role pets play in our lives and encourage commitment to animal welfare.

They are also founders of the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards.

This year, in partnership with AnimalFriends Pet Insurance, Comedy Pets is donating £10,000 each to three charities that care for and relocate abandoned animals and £5,000 to the overall winner of the photo contest to donate to a charity of their choice.

“We know that even the shortest stories can hold something special, and the Comedy Pet Photography Awards are a perfect way to share a snapshot of the place pets hold in our lives,” says Wes Pearson, CEO of Animal Friends. “The playful, heartwarming and priceless moments captured in the final list have brought us immense joy and show that they are never just a pet; They are part of our history.”

This is fibunacci. Are you praying? Laugh? Blowing on a raspberry? Actually, he is just cleaning his ears. He always wants to make sure he looks his best.

Benji was determined to be the one to get all the yummy treats during their photo shoot, even if it meant stopping his older brother Doug.

In addition to charitable donations, the winner gets a cash prize of £2,000 and a bespoke trophy for the best photo.

This year, the organization has inaugurated a new category: the Friends of the Animals Audience Choice Award in which the public can vote for their favorite finalist image.

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards also introduced an additional cash prize for best video submission.

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The winners will be announced on September 13.

This is Penny doing an impression of Sid the Sloth from the Ice Age movies.

I have a smart phone, so I want to upload my photos to my SNS. But I don’t know how to use it. Please someone tell me how to use it.

“The images and videos featured are a genuine and moving reflection of the special bond that exists between humans and animals and we can’t help but feel happier to see them,” said co-founder Paul Joynson-Hicks. That is why it is so important that we support animal welfare charities that do an extraordinary job caring for some of the most disadvantaged pets.”

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