20 Best Women’s Headbands for Every Occasion in 2022

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Headbands are back in style, and you heard it here first.

What was once the preppy high school hair accessory, or Blair Waldorf’s iconic uniform on “Gossip Girl,” is now the new must-have for fall and beyond.

The humble headband is also all over TikTok, with fashion influencers jumping on board, showcasing vintage finds, designer headbands, and more.

The following video from the TikTok trend forecaster @bbridget it showcases the most athletic look, modeled by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Lily Rose Depp to name a few. She now has over 118,000 views and counting and over 10,000 likes from other fashionistas.

For the more elevated look, both in price and actual height, Prada’s headband has had a moment too, with even more viral videos and unboxings taking over social media. TikTok Headband Expert @headband_gal she took to the app to show off her Prada collection, using the on-trend sound to demonstrate her headband mantra.

Do you want to wrap your hands and hair in this trend for fall 2022 and beyond? Read on for our top picks, including athletic finds for the gym and more stylish options that even Blair Waldorf herself would approve of on the steps of the Met. Xoxo, the Post Shopping team.

A black Prada headband.

Get the designer headband that started it all. Prada’s puffy headband is made of Re-nylon, which is a recycled nylon yarn. It features Prada’s iconic triangular logo and comes in a variety of colours.

A Gucci denim headband
far search

Everything here is Gucci. This denim headband is a great option to pair with jeans for a laid-back look or dress up with a matching dress. Now sold on Farfetch and comes in a medium size to fit most.

A woman with a pink headband.

Train hard but look stylish. We’ve already tried and loved the Wunder Train collection, including this headband that stays in place on the go and looks great when sporting an athleisure style.

A denim headband
draper james

You can never go wrong with denim. This chambray style from Draper James is a headband with an easy-to-style look and a fun knotted design at the top.

A white headband with pearls.
Kate Spade

Say “I do” to this headband. The embellished bridal headband is sold at Kate Spade and is generously decorated with pearls and gemstones for a sparkling and sophisticated look.

A cheetah headband

Go crazy but keep your hair tame with this spotted headband. Madewell’s Padded Headband is a great way to add some fun cheetah spots to your outfit, but it also comes in black polka dots, for a more muted look.

A navy blue Nike headband

Go from the court to the cafeteria with this headband from Nike. The stretchy, athletic headband is a great option for those who need to keep their forehead free of sweat and flyaway hair and then head out on the town in style for a day.

A blue silk headband.
wolf and badger

Having a lazy hair day? Dress it up with very little effort with this silk knotted headband from Lazyjack Press. The sash is sold in Wolf and Badger, and also comes in other patterns if you’re not feeling nautical.

A navy blue Dior headband

Did you say God? We sure did, and this headband says so too. The designer headband features the iconic D logo all over the outside, while the inside of the headband is secretly patterned with the designer’s name.

A woman wearing a black bandana headband

Go vintage this fall with a headband scarf. The Anthropologie Headscarf is a fun take on the classic headband, keeping your hair in place and adding a bit of whimsy to your outfit.

A golden headband with a bow.

Slip into this silky headband. The satin bow style is sold at Aerie, and it’s not only super cute but it’s also great for your hair, leaving no marks or dents in your gorgeous locks. It comes in gold, gray and pink, each with a comfortable stretchy back to fit most.

a woman with a pearl diadem

Really feel like Mrs. Waldorf with a headband named after her. Blair’s pearl beaded headband is a great look for weddings, but it also works for date night or even paired with jeans to add a bit of class to your day, Gossip Girl style.

A woman in a  pink headband
house on the hill

Take this headband home. The Maeve Slim Headband is large enough to add a pop of color, yet slim enough to wear regularly, incorporating it into her daily hair routine. It comes in pink, as well as purple, green, blue, and black.

A flower headband
jennifer behr

Are you feeling flowery? We are, and we love this chic take on the trend. The Jennifer Behr headband features a beautiful beaded design, hand embroidered on the headband.

A pink and silver headband.

Pop the bubbly, then slip on this headband from Bellefixe for a fun night out. The metallic headband weaves a champagne pink band into a silver one for a fun contrasting braid, now under $20.

A stack of 6 headbands.
She in

Why have a headband when you could have a complete set? This six-piece set from Shein is just $6, making each unique band just $1. They’re all mixed and matched, but each offers a unique look when worn alone.

a woman with a golden diadem
Free people

Keep your hair wrapped up this fall with an elastic hair turban from Free People. The wrap offers more coverage than your traditional headband, but it can also be styled in many ways.

A woman with a dark velvet headband.
Los Angeles Clothing

Get ready for fall with a velvety look from Los Angeles Apparel. This silky smooth headband comes in a muted burgundy color as well as a selection of blacks, blues and pinks to match most outfits for seasons to come.

A woman with a crocheted headband
to turn

Need one more reason why headbands are for you? This crochet option comes from 8 Other Reasons and is great for showing off some boho-chic vibes all year long.

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