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The most remembered of Mikaela ShiffrinKillington Cup’s 76 World Cup wins in Vermont on Saturday and Sunday (12:30 p.m. ET daily on NBC and Peacock)…

December 20, 2012: Win No. 1

Under the lights of Åre, Sweden, 17-year-old Shiffrin became the second-youngest American to win a World Cup (jody nagel1969). The look on her face was priceless. “I guess I was just trying to fly,” he said moments after the win. “I’m probably going to hug my mom a lot.”

“I really don’t like success,” he later added, according to The Associated Press. “I like to sleep at night and hang out in the hotel room with my mom. I’m afraid there might be a bit of exaggeration with this. But I’ll take it. This is what I love to do.”

November 28, 2015: A record loss

Shiffrin, a Colorado resident, enjoyed home cooking in Aspen by winning a slalom by a whopping 3.07 seconds combining times from two runs. It was the largest margin of victory in the history of the women’s slalom World Cup and larger than the margin separating second place from 18th place.

“I don’t think so [my competitors] they are going to let me get away with three seconds never again, ”he said that day. She was right. Shiffrin won by just 2.65 seconds the next day (the fourth largest margin ever).

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November 27, 2016: First win at Killington

Shiffrin was recently asked which was his favorite of his five slalom victories (in five starts) at Killington. She said that she was the first in the first weekend of the World Cup in the place. Not so much for how she performed, prevailing by 0.73 of a second to tie a record tenth straight World Cup slalom victory. But by the time she shared afterwards: a photo of the goal area with dozens of Team Shiffrin members, including her 95-year-old grandmother. “The proudest thing I’ve ever been is to win a race in front of my nana,” she said then.

“Sometimes I wonder when I’m competing, is it worth the pressure I feel right now, and almost the sickness I feel from this pressure?” she said recently. “And on that day, sometimes it only takes a moment for you to realize how much it’s worth. And that was the moment for me.”

March 17, 2019: Mikaela’s Masterpiece


The exact peak of Shiffrin’s career? On that day, he finished arguably the best season ever (a record 17 World Cup wins), capped with his first-season giant slalom title in the World Cup final.

“The work is so worth it when you can say that I am really living my dream that I had when I was 5 years old,” he said at those World Cup finals. “I was thinking, maybe it’s impossible, and then you realize it’s possible and now you’re starting to push the boundaries of what everyone in the world thinks is possible. It’s a really cool feeling, but the feeling doesn’t change. I’m still just a girl with a dream.”

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December 14, 2020: an emotional return

Shiffrin’s first victory since his father’s death, jeff, the previous February 2. He won a giant slalom in Courchevel, France, and, after a subdued reaction and taking a knee, called it bittersweet. “After all, it’s hard to believe that he could come back to this point,” he said in one of several emotional post-race interviews. “I’m very excited, but also quite sad because… I guess that’s obvious.”

Later on social media, Shiffrin posted: “Shout out to the wonderful and kind people who said I lost my fire forever. This one is for you. Also this one is for every person who is helping me get the fire back.”

January 11, 2022: An Iconic Victory

Shiffrin broke down in tears winning a night slalom in Schladming, Austria, an iconic venue for men that hosted a women’s slalom for the second time. It was also the site of Shiffrin’s first world title in 2013. But the setting wasn’t entirely the reason Shiffrin fell apart. She had been fighting, relatively, for her, in her trademark discipline, while hers rivaled Pedro Vlhova from Slovakia seemed stronger and stronger. Shiffrin recovered from fifth place after the first race to win, beating Vlhova, the leader from the first race.

“It seems like it didn’t happen,” said Shiffrin, who with the victory broke the record for most World Cup victories in a single discipline (his 47th slalom). “Apart from Killington, for obvious reasons, it will be the most memorable race, perhaps of my career.”

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