2022 Graduate Exhibition Award Winners Announced

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Sixty-eight Penn State graduate students received awards for their creative and research scholarship at the 37th Annual Graduate Expo. A full list of winners is available below.

First place winners receive $500; second place winners receive $250 and third place winners receive $100.

Research Poster Option

Arts and Humanities
First place

  • Lindsay Chandlerliberal arts / Spanish, “Reading novel verbs in Spanish as a first and second language”
  • katherine ellisLiberal Arts/French, “Does Trauma Have a Race? The Role of French Imperialism in the Conceptualization of Trauma and Recovery in Western Medicine (1914-1918)”
  • Farzaneh Oghazianarts and architecture/architecture, “From Physical Model Making to Calibrated Digital Model for Tensioned Knitted Textile Structures”
  • Brooke Tybushliberal arts/french, “Sexual Mentoring and Feminist Resistance in Eighteenth-Century French Literature”

Second place

  • scott doublerliberal arts/history, “Madalena, Claimant: Violence, Slavery, and Survival of a Transatlantic Indigenous Woman, 1535-1553”
  • Roberto Klosinsk, tThe liberal arts / German, “Stop the contrasts in Misiones, Argentina and Ohio, USA”
  • douglas kucharliberal arts/English, “Applied Demonology: Thermodynamics and Decision”
  • shu yuan liuLiberal Arts/Applied Linguistics, “Intercultural Communication Online During the Global Pandemic: Pragmatic Polysemiotic Strategies for Effective and Cooperative English as a Lingua Franca Synchronous Virtual Interactions”
  • Katie WarczakLiberal Arts/English, “Interlocking Narratives: Race, Animality, Disability, and the “Science” of Degeneracy in The Island of Doctor Moreau and Dracula”

Third place

  • Alberto Bejarano Romoliberal arts/philosophy, “Aníbal Quijano and the coloniality of power”
  • Steven Casementliberal arts/history, “Ciphers, Cynics, and Codes: Epistolary Diplomacy During the Restoration”
  • eric disbroLiberal Arts/French and Francophone Studies, “Transinclusive Pedagogies for the Francophone Literature Classroom: A Case Study”
  • morgane haesenliberal arts/french, “A Heart That Always Bleeds: Writings of Life on the Alsace-Lorraine Border, 1870-1918”
  • Kelly Kaelinliberal arts/history, “To be Proposed as Useful: Women and the Moravian Church in the Atlantic World”
  • Ryan Pilcherliberal arts/french, “Educating Sentiment: Race and Sentimental Science in Aglaé Comte’s Natural History Told to Youth”
  • Tasneem Tariqarts and architecture/architecture, “Impact of Vegetated Infrastructure to Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect in Dhaka, Bangladesh.”
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First place

  • Vishnu Kumarengineering/industrial engineering, “Machine Learning-Based Suicide Prediction and Suicide Vulnerability Index Development for US Counties.”
  • Jingyi Xie, Information Science and Technology/Computer Science, “Iterative Design and Prototyping of Computer Vision Mediated Remote Viewing Assistive People”

Second place

  • jie li, arts and architecture/architecture, “Achieving Building Energy Efficiency in Real Life Rather Than in Virtual Computer Models: Examining the Energy Performance Gap Between Intended Value and Actual Value Utilized”
  • asif mahmudengineering/civil engineering, “Estimating Crash Type Frequency Accounting for Misclassification in Crash Data”

Third place

  • Ozguc Capunamanarts and architecture/architecture, “See – Feel – Respond: Adaptive Intelligent Robotic Fabrication of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Architectural Panels”
  • Dongkuan-Xuinformation science and technology/information science and technology, “InfoGCL: Information Aware Graphic Contrastive Learning”

Health and life sciences
First place

  • camilona girlagricultural sciences / soil science, “Soil health under shade-grown coffee in Costa Rica”
  • Stacy Cibottiagricultural sciences/entomology, “Differential Effects of Clothianidin Exposure on Metabolic Rates Across Life Stages in the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus)”
  • Hanim DiktasHuman Health and Development/Nutritional Sciences, “Promoting Vegetable Intake in Preschool Children: Independent and Combined Effects of Portion Size and Flavor Enhancement”
  • Jigar Gosalia, human health and development/kinesiology, “Moderating Effects of Arterial Stiffness on Cognitive Performance in Individuals with Metabolic Syndrome”

Second place

  • Vinicius Buiatte de Andrade Alvesagriscience/animal science, “Flavonoid-Rich Corn Crop Developed at Penn State Lessens Impacts Caused by Necrotic Enteritis in Broilers”
  • Ana Carla Chierighini Salamuneshuman health and development/kinesiology, “Differences Related to Energy Deficiency Between Japanese and American Female Athletes”
  • Maria da Silvaintercollegiate/integrative and biomedical physiology, “Endometrial transcriptome in response to intrauterine infusions of secretory proteins from bovine conceptus”
  • Abbygale Hackenberger, College of Nursing/Nursing, “ICU Diaries: A Pilot Program”
  • anne johnsonagricultural sciences/entomology, “Effects of Spotted Lanternfly Access to Tree of Heaven on Predation by Native Arthropods”

Third place

  • Marcos Colpietro, human health and development/kinesiology, “Blood Flow Restriction Training Use Among Sports Medicine Professionals in North America”
  • Daniel Davishuman health and development / kinesiology, “The ‘elastic’ and stiff behavior of the human foot when running”
  • gabrielle dillon, human health and development / kinesiology, “Nitric oxide-dependent cutaneous vasodilation is not altered in adults after SARS-CoV-2 infection”
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physical sciences and mathematics
First place

  • nour Hawila, Faculty of Medicine/Biostatistics, “Bayesian Analysis of Interrater and Intrarater Reliability with Multilevel Data”

Social and behavioral sciences
First place

  • paige cunninghamhuman health and development/nutritional sciences, “Lower inhibitory control is associated with higher food intake at meals that vary in portion size”
  • Courtney Gerverliberal arts/psychology, “Examining the Effects of a Creativity Specificity Induction on Divergent Creative Thinking and Memory in Aging”
  • jason griffinliberal arts/psychology, “Assessment of Gaze Perception Deficits in Autism Spectrum Disorders Using a Computational Modeling Approach.”
  • Maggie Hernandezliberal arts/anthropology, “Ninety Miles: Migration History, Genomic Ancestry, and Health Disparities Between Cuban Immigrants and Cuban Americans in Miami, Florida”
  • Renkai MaInformation Technology/Computer Science, “‘How Advertiser-Friendly Is My Video?’: YouTuber Socioeconomic Interactions with Algorithmic Content Moderation”
  • jamison malcolmagricultural sciences/agricultural and extension education, “Beyond Participation: A Case Study of Youth as Researchers and Community Development in North Philadelphia”

Second place

  • Ayse AkyildizHealth and Human Development/Recreation, Park Management and Tourism, “Agent-Based Microsimulations for Emergency Evacuation in Rocky Mountain National Park”
  • Cole Callenliberal arts/Spanish, “Grammatical Variation in Children’s Acquisition of Brazilian Portuguese”
  • kevin rosenfieldliberal arts/anthropology, “Coevolution of Male and Female Mating Strategies in Nonhuman Primates”
  • tianfang wangLiberal Arts/Applied Linguistics, “The Concept of Conceptual Metaphor as a Psychological Tool for English Learners’ L2 Development”
  • Xunyue Xuehealth and human development/hospitality management, “Instant Karma: The Role of the Karmic Reversal Mindset in Charitable Giving”

Third place

  • Sana Ahrararts and architecture/architecture, “The Leisure Spaces of Delhi: Spatial Use Patterns in a Mixed-Income Informal Settlement”
  • Barbara Atangahealth and human development/hotel management, “Corporate Sociopolitical Activism (CSA): Consumer Response to Contribution Type”
  • kendra floodagricultural sciences/agricultural and extension education, “Principals’ Perceptions and the Decision-Making Process on Extended Contracts for Agricultural Education Teachers”
  • Kerby Goffliberal arts/sociology, “Ecumenism and Women’s Higher Education as Precursors of World Society: A Network Analysis of Global Protestant Higher Education in the Early Twentieth Century”
  • Kaitlyn Rieglerliberal arts/psychology, “Prospective Implications of Insufficient Sleep for Athletes”
  • sonia trawickliberal arts / Spanish, “Revisiting the concept of ‘Activation’ of Code-Switching”
  • Jason Williamsliberal arts/psychology, “Loneliness in the Workplace: The Role of Political Identity Difference and Organizational Identification”
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design option
First place

  • Elena Vazquezarts and architecture/architecture, “Bistable Kinetic Screen for Daylight Control in Buildings”

Second place

  • alexis chinliberal arts / German, “(Co)construction of anti-racist pedagogy: Scaling up permanent departmental approaches to foreign language teaching”
  • Rosalind Isquitharts and architecture/theatre,”Designing a Neurodivergent Set: A Scenic Design for “The Curious Incident of the Dog at Midnight””

Third place

  • Jeremy Eibenarts and architecture/theatre, “Tartuffe – A Look into Period and Modern Design”

performance option
First place

  • Cecilia Leskoviczarts and architecture/performance, “(un)broken”
  • wenyi xiongarts and architecture / piano performance, “Performance in “The Serpent’s Kiss””

Second place

  • Andrea Alvarado Troncosoarts and architecture / performance, “Loeffler Rhapsodie for Viola, Oboe, and Piano”

Third place

  • Rebekah Reeder, arts and architecture/performance, “Wind Quintet in G minor by Paul Taffanel”
  • malcolm taylorarts and architecture/performance, “Tchik for Solo Snare Drum”

video option
First place

  • Mary Smithagricultural sciences/plant pathology, “Annotation of the genomically hidden weapons of Pseudomonas syringae”

Second place

  • taylor hare, Liberal Arts/English, “Reading Access: Disability, Textuality, and the Publishing Tradition of Early Modern English Theatre”
  • connorhuxman, engineering/mechanical engineering,”‘Implantation Flexibility’: Leveraging Mechanical Compliance for Improved Orthopedic Implants”

visual arts option
First place

  • Emily Wrightarts and architecture/art, “Make food for your brothers”

Second place

  • Harrison Boden, arts and architecture/art, “Death Becomes Her”

Third place

  • Meng Qi Xu, arts and architecture/art, “Vessel: Food Devours You When You Eat”

Data Visualization Award

Offered by the University Libraries Data Learning Center

  • Stacy Cibotti, agricultural sciences/entomology, “Differential Effects of Clothianidin Exposure on Metabolic Rates Across Life Stages in the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus)”