28 Money-Saving Shopping Tips To Deal With Inflation

These are especially useful at this time.

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Between rising inflation and even falling inflation, which is when brands reduce the size or quality of their products while raising the price, people are left with no choice but to think creatively when it comes to shopping for save money.

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I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their tricks for saving money on everything from food to medicine to makeup. All I can say is that these answers gave me some hope of not panicking the next time I go shopping. Here are some of them.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.


“I go to different stores for different items. For example, snacks at Trader Joe’s (obviously, everything is $2.99). Meat and produce wherever they’re on sale, and I always get [store-brand] staples like dish soap. I also started using different cards for different purchases. Sometimes I get 5% cash back on one card and when it expires I use another credit card that offers cash back.”

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“I started waxing at home instead of at a salon. I use SugarDoh, which doesn’t have to be heated (less likely to hurt) and is only $17 for the (large) sample size. It even came with an applicator $17 buy for LOTS of waxes vs. $50 or more for one wax!”


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“Getting my groceries delivered after ordering online helps me keep costs down since I can see how much I’m spending as I go. I often cross things off the list if I go over budget. Plus, planning meals in advance helps me It helps keep costs down.”



“I mostly buy generic/store brand food and other items. For brand name must-haves, I look for deals and coupons. Recently International Delight Iced Coffee (my favorite) went up from $3.48 a box to $7.20 at my local grocery store. No I pay for that so now I’m making my own. Store prices have gone up so much. I started buying fresh eggs from a farm in my area. They’re free range, last longer, and are so much cheaper!


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“No more orders for lunch or dinner. I make a cheap big plate like tuna casserole or pasta with chicken and sauce and pack each serving in Tupperware containers for quick morning grabs. It lasts me all week and keeps me from being tempted to order lunch when I’m at work or order takeout for dinner if I don’t feel like cooking.”



“Get clothes that are new to you at thrift stores. Many stores will also accept your clothing donations as store credit.”

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“During the winter, I started making Swiss Miss at home instead of buying hot chocolate from Starbucks all the time. Sometimes I add a little caramel syrup, whipped cream, and sea salt for a lean version of their caramel hot chocolate.” salty”. chocolate.”

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“My husband bought me an iced coffee maker; it was a huge savings since he went to Starbucks every day. It tastes great and is very easy to use. For coffee, I buy whole beans in bulk.”

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“We built a greenhouse and grew a garden. We knew a recession was coming after watching the last two years. We have saved a lot of money in the long run. Building the greenhouse was relatively cheap and economical as well.”



“We put a 5-gallon bucket in our shower to catch the water that is wasted waiting for it to heat up. We eat smaller portions of meat and cook creatively to use up leftovers. We’ve always tried to waste as little as possible. Our old clothes are repurposed in rags. We schedule our errands for a single day and try to take fuel-efficient routes to save gas.”



“It seems obvious, but meal planning has saved us a lot of money. See what you already have in your freezer and cupboards and try to make meals with that. Then, with ingredients you have to buy at the store, try to make sure you use the leftovers you hope to get from that. Need to buy a whole package of lettuce but only need half? Plan a salad the next day to use up the rest.”

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“Use a Brita pitcher and buy an insulated water bottle or two to replace single-use plastic water bottles. You’ll save money and save the planet.”


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“I started making my own oat milk at home (needed to due to shortage recently and found out how easy it is). Super cheap option.”



“I use paper coupons and e-coupons for both Meijer and Kroger and buy items based on weekly sales. I also use Costco’s monthly sales book. Sometimes I wait until the end of the sales period to buy basic items that I always use This way my washing powder is always bought on sale.”



“In Australia, we have Woolies (Woolworths) or Coles supermarket apps. I check catalogs and special offers and place an order at each store, as normal items from week to week may be cheaper at each store depending on sales specials. Our local Coles has parking lot pick up which is great. You just pull up and they pack it in the car for you! I also stopped at our local butcher and spent $200 on a package of meat. That has us It took me and my husband six weeks to buy bacon at the grocery store since our freezer was full.”



“I’ve started shopping more at Trader Joe’s. It’s just me and my husband, so name brands aren’t a big deal. Plus, TJ’s has the best products: mini ice cream cones, enchilada sauce, chicken wings, at a really good price.



“I found some duplicates for my makeup products (ELF, Profusion, Milani) to replace my Urban Decay and Too Faced stuff. Mainly like canned or frozen vegetables. There is also a blog called budget bytes which breaks down recipes by price per serving. I started using my library a lot more. I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance, and it has a pretty large selection of books and media. Rewards programs for frequent buyers. I always have rewards for free items after shopping for groceries and coupons sent to my inbox, even at the thrift store.”

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“NYX concealer instead of Nars is an almost perfect scam for a fraction of the cost and no shipping, since I can buy it at any Target.”



“I was shocked when I found out about this, but certain items (like binders or notebooks for school) are priced differently for each color. I just bought a notebook for five dollars (red) because it was the cheapest. Black was $5.07, yellow was $5.49, green was $5.75, and so on (all with the same number of sheets and the same quality of sheets). So, I have been buying things for their use rather than their aesthetics. I’m excited? about using a bright red notebook to write notes? No. But did it save me money? Yes”.

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“My son is obsessed with Pepperidge Farm’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread; he calls it ‘purple bread’ because of the packaging. Turns out Walmart’s Great Value brand Cinnamon Raisin Bread is cheaper by over a dollar a loaf, and the packaging is still purple, so you have no idea it’s not the same thing.”



“Pay special attention to the price per weight or unit or how many packages of fruit snacks come in the box to get more for your money.”



“I stopped buying name brand ice cream and started buying Target brand ice cream. It’s cheaper and it’s amazing. It only saves me a couple of bucks, but it makes me feel better about having a little treat.”

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“The generic mucus relief pills at Walmart have the same active ingredient as Mucinex but are 88 cents instead of $12. Thank you Walmart pharmacist for giving me this tip.”



“I changed jobs in March. At my old job, I used to get fast food every day for lunch ($7-$14 a day). For my new job, I now bring lunch. Not only am I saving money, but also my lunches healthier choices have allowed me to lose the weight I gained from my less healthy food choices at my previous job.



“I rarely use toilet paper now. I bought a Lota, which is a plastic container that looks like a watering can. It’s the Indian way of wiping your butt after pooping. It’s cheaper than toilet paper, and her butt is so, so clean. She’s a clean queen now, honey.”

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“Last week, I went to buy my usual brand name allergy medicine over the counter. It’s a bit expensive, so for the first time, I decided to look at the generic brand. I was surprised that it cost 90% less! I was very skeptical , but I had to try. Turns out it works really well, maybe even better than the name brand. So cheaper doesn’t always mean inferior.”



“I switched from shopping for clothes at Target to shopping for clothes on Amazon. This helped me be less impulsive as I keep everything in my cart for at least a day before I buy it. I also switched from store brands to generics of almost everything when shopping last thing I can think of is definitely privileged but I used to get my lip care products from Ulta Since the inflation I bought a tub of Aquaphor I’ve been sleeping on Aquaphor y’all this The tub me It’s lasted two months so far, and it barely has a dent in it.”



“Now I just make extra coffee at home, fill a travel mug and cut out my daily Starbucks. That’s $6 a day or $30 a work week. Now I’m going to save that money for my niece’s wedding in Cancun next year.” “.

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Do you have any tips to save money when shopping? Share them with me in the comments below!