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Westford, USA, Aug. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the increased demand for cosmetic surgery with the shift to the “selfie generation” where everyone chooses to look desirable, breast implants have become become common throughout the world.

It still shares 16% of plastic surgery procedures. SkyQuest’s research on breast implant market found, as also confirmed by the 2021 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery statistics, that 365,000 breast augmentations were performed in 2021, 44% more than in 2020. 94% of these processes corresponded to women. This also shows that the cost of such surgeries increased by 6% in 2021. There is a 54% increase in surgical procedures.

The alternative to silicone in breast surgery has entered the breast implant market as the first surgery in Australia is done with a 3D printer from Germany. Surgeons in Brisbane have replaced silicone implants with bioresorbable scaffolds. This scaffolding will dissolve in two years and the patient will be left with breasts made from the body’s own tissue. This will also relieve chronic pain caused by breast augmentation and reconstructive surgery.

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3D implants show important developments in the breast implant market

In May 2022, Pune-based startup Prayasta 3D Inventions Pvt Ltd won the national technology award for 2022 presented by the Department of Science and Technology (DST). It is an avid provider of break-free 3D breast implants and prostheses, using its locally developed iEAM (Elastomer Additive Manufacturing) technology.

In June 2022, CollPlant, an aesthetic and regenerative medicine company, announced a 3D regenerative breast implant based on rhCollagen with a budget of US$2.8 billion to initiate large animal study. Their goal is to develop a revolutionary and safe new product, and a second study studying human-sized implants will be launched soon after.

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SkyQuest analyzed the main trends and developments in the breast implant market, which has experienced a positive growth trajectory. An analysis of how 3D printing is having a massive impact on the breast implant market is researched in depth to discuss the near future of the market as it pertains to 3D printers. Deep analysis about the market can be found in SkyQuest reports that will enable your business to align strategies accordingly and gain competitive advantage in the market led by key players.

Top 5 breast implant startups and their innovations to watch:

  1. GC Aesthetics: Developer of silicone breast implants, this startup has also doled out a scar treatment gel called Silgel that provides different benefits, such as flattening raised scars, softening scar tissue, and coloring scars. And so it has been attracting investors like Barry’s Tea, Hayfin, etc. with financing of USD 233 million.
  2. AirXpanders: Providing new innovations such as post-surgery tissue expansion technology, their AeroForm tissue expander provides controlled tissue expander. Patients can expand the tissues with the help of a handheld controller that puts small amounts of CO2 into the device that helps stretch the skin for a permanent breast implant.
  3. feel: This aesthetic medicine firm develops and sells plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and surgical equipment. Cooperating with the Butterfly Network in April 2021, strives to improve patient diagnostic surveillance.
  4. Establishment Laboratories: The developers of Motiva Implants and Motiva Imagine, this emerging company in the global breast implant market is engaged in the design, manufacture, development and marketing of products that are made from advanced silicone for breast implants and body shapers.
  5. ideal implant: They specialize in the development and marketing of saline solution breast implants. It is patented and manufactured in an FDA inspected facility where silicone gel is replaced with saline.
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What is the future of the breast implant market?

Breast implants have become quite common in most developed countries with an increase in aesthetics and this has led to liposuction or ‘pop-up’ clinics appearing all over Australia, offering low cost breast implant services. More and more women are opting for “tiny scar” surgery that can be hidden in the folds to satisfy the allure of the implant.

In addition to the increased market demand for cosmetic surgery, breast reconstruction cases are increasing due to the rise in breast cancer among women. Public organizations are taking initiatives to raise awareness of cosmetic surgery for breast cancer, and with increased disposable income, the breast implant industry is poised to receive positive momentum in the future. According to Sky Quest research, it is seen that 7.8 million women who were diagnosed with breast cancer within 5 years were alive at the end of 2020, making it the most prevalent type of cancer in the entire world. world. Breast cancer is one of the main growth drivers of the breast implant market.

Silicone implants are taking the breast implant market by storm. Offering an alternative to more natural-looking breasts, gummy bear implants have started to gain traction in the market. Keeps its shape and prevents wrinkles. They are also considered safer in the silicone implant markets compared to conventional implants. With a surge in desire for the “celebrity look,” Japan and China are driving the market for breast implants.

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With the introduction of 3D printing in the breast implant market, the growth in demand for cosmetic surgery is expected to increase, as it offers several advantages, such as the absence of chronic pain, the dissolution of scaffolds, implants that are left with the body’s own tissues and fat cells.

The SkyQuest report shows an in-depth analysis of the breast implants market consisting of data on the key players, their innovations, R&D budgets and their results, and how startups are gaining more and more popularity with their right strategies. . This information will help you better understand the market and allow you to make data-driven decisions for maximum profits.

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Key Players in Global Breast Implants Market:

  • Sientra Inc. (United States)
  • Arion Laboratories (France)
  • GC Aesthetics (Ireland)
  • Hansbiomed Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
  • Establishment Labs SA (Costa Rica)
  • Silimed Sanofi (France)
  • Sebbin SAS Group (France)
  • Cereplas (France)
  • Allergan (Ireland)
  • Mentor Worldwide LLC (USA)
  • Polytech Health and Aesthetics GmBH (Germany)

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