7 Eyeliner Looks That Are More Exciting Than A Cat Eye

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We’ve all seen it: the classic black Cat Eye. While relatively easy to apply, some days just a bolder application is required. eyeliner style. It may seem intimidating at first, but adding extra curves and bright colors isn’t that hard to do. We sat down with some makeup artists to give us all the details we need on how to apply eye makeup.

“People shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate graphic-style liner into their eye makeup look,” says the New York City-based makeup artist. lorin cole. “My best advice is to be creative and explore your own vision.” A few more tips from a makeup tutorial expert: “Plan your design and practice it on paper before applying it to your face.” This will help you get rid of problems.

Deborah Altizio, a New York-based makeup artist, believes that older trends and ideas have a way of resurfacing in modern times. In her perspective, the graphic and pop-up liquid eyeliners we see on TikTok and the runways today have their roots in the 1960s.

“For example, him Chanel runway show in New York City A few years ago I used black and white lines around the eyes,” says Altizio. “It was also a signature look for twig circa 1960s. Fashion has a way of doubling down and can become the trend of the moment.”

Meet the experts:

Okay, great, but how do the uninitiated try on a glamorous cat eye? Once she has practiced on paper and is ready to move on to face, Lorin says that she starts by using a pencil as mac eye kohl as a guide. Once he has a blueprint, Lorin refines the line’s wing using a cake lining (which is a water activated product) as Kryolan Aquablack and a fine-tipped art brush (we like makeup foreveroption of).

Altizio adds that the key to achieving the best eyeliner look is a smudge proof product; she likes Urban Decay 24/7 Lining. If you prefer a liquid finish, he recommends choosing Maybelline New York Hyper Easy Eyeliner.

Maybelline Hyper Easy Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner

Need more inspiration? We found some looks that are anything but boring and work no matter your eye shape.

rhinestone lining

TikTok user @glowbysoph

Adding rhinestones to any eyeliner look is an easy way to amp it up, just ask the content creator sofia levaughnthe talent behind this smooth bronze and blue pairing. This one has an upper wing that is minimalistic and a baby blue liner on the waterline to balance it all out. We love using rhinestones with a self-adhesive like the Magic half face gems or the ELF Face and Body Gems.

butterfly shadow

TikTok user @trulue

You may be wondering how to draw a whole butterfly on the lid is easy to do. Real talk: it’s not. but content creator trulee shared his secret hack. Rather than try and fail to draw this detailed design, she used temporary tattoos over a smoky eye on her eyelid. This also means that you can wear the look all day without the need for touch-ups. These Inked by Dani Temporary Tattoos they are safe to use on the face. And if you have hooded eyes, a tip From Allure Contributor Tynan Sinks: Don’t be afraid to add eyeshadow higher up in the crease of your eyes, even down to your orbital bone.

mermaid eyes

TikTok user @Royjar

Content creator Roy makes it look easy, with this reference to Bella Hadid: downturned white cat eyes and black mermaid eye rims. For those of us who prefer to stick to black lining, this could be a way to break the routine a bit. Makeup artist Lily Keys previously told Allure that she would mix the eyeshadow and liner together to create these so-called mermaid eyes. (We love to use a mix of Catrice 20H Ultra Precision Gel Eye Pencil Y Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette.)