9 Star Wars Creatures That Would Make Wonderful Pets

With Andor on the way next month from Disney+, Star Wars fans have many new characters and creatures to meet. Since its first installment, A new hopeEach new movie or show in the franchise has brought new beasts to love due to the creativity and innovation of its design team and costume artisans, causing fans to consider how they would fit into life on Earth.

For the most part, droids seem to serve the function of pets. Earth is a bit behind when it comes to developing protocol droids with highly polished personalities, so our own planet’s furry friends will have to make do. But even the most exotic terrestrial pets would have a hard time competing with the handsome menagerie of Star Wars.



porgs the last jedi inspecting luke's lightsaber

The porgs showed up en masse to provide digital cover for the rock penguins that abounded at the Ahch-To filming location of the last jediand while the fandom mostly agreed with their cuteness, they came to serve as a symbol for the highly divisive film, if not the entire sequel trilogy.

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But at the same time, they are absolutely adorable. But even if fans can’t adopt the original, Porg mugs are available at Galaxy’s Edge booths at Disney parks. Close enough.

loth cat

The Loth cats came to the Star Wars family throughout the Philoniverse, and are as close to Earth counterparts as a counterpart can get. First introduced in rebels and appearing in the mandalorian, Loth cats roamed the planet of Lothal. Closer to this universe, they are seen at Galaxy’s Edge stalls at Disney parks.

They are ugly and cute, and a Loth cat in the house would surely reduce the rodent population. With their claws alone, Loth cats seem to act more viciously than Earth cats and prowl like mini-lions, roaming the grasslands and eating carnivorously. They’re probably great jumpers, so you might as well use them for pest control and home entertainment.


Between dog Massiff and Mandalorian

animals in Star Wars they are often used as beasts of burden, supervillain pieces, or means of attack rather than companions. Occasionally they fulfilled several roles at once, as in the mandalorianwhen hunks were portrayed as fierce guard animals, but one snuggled up to Din Djarin once he communicated that he meant no harm.

The massif in question was owned by a tribe of Tusken Raiders, whose reputation also underwent a makeover in the series. Hunks were also used as trackers and guards during the Clone Wars, and it’s heartening for would-be Earth owners to see that they like to be petted as much as the next dog-like creature with spikes on its back. The hunks are twisted in every sense of the word, scary and cool, they would be the hit of the office party or play date.


The Gentile Eopies are most closely associated with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Although the novel is no longer canon, one of these beasts (and her baby) figures prominently in Kenobi. They are found primarily on Tatooine, though they also conveniently appear near Galaxy’s Edge in the Disney parks.

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Eopies are reminiscent of camels, especially when kneeling, and of course camels were used for shooting. Obi Wan Kenobi when the Jedi hero traveled the sands of the Dune Sea, with Ewan McGregor bonding with his camel mount, Silas, during production, according to gadget. No one can blame McGregor for this, even a fake eopie to pet and take to the grocery store beats traffic at a moment’s notice.


Obi-Wan Kenobi in a varactyl in Star Wars

The majority Star Wars fans could pick a varactyl from a lineup, but couldn’t name it for all the credits in the galaxy. Obi-Wan Kenobi rode one named Boga on Utapau when he was in battle with General Grievous on Revenge of the Sith. Boga’s most important trait was that he was cool to look at and was one of the few creatures in the universe that made Obi-Wan Kenobi even more amazing.

With their raptor-like appearance, varactlys splendidly carry an apex predator vibe, despite being herbivorous. Also, they are fantastic climbers, which makes them both practical and attractive.


A Rancor devouring prey in Star Wars

Rancors are one of the most dangerous creatures in the world. Star Wars universe, the most notorious example of this is trying to eat Luke Skywalker in return of the jedi. However, in the novel, Luke senses through the Force that the creature is not evil, but merely hungry.

Casual fans began looking at rancors as potential pets when Omega rode a baby Rancor, Muchi, into Bad batch. The Hutts gifted one to Boba Fett when it was revealed that rancors bond with the first being they see. Boba, of course, made the most of this, as anyone would. Rancors would not only make excellent means of transportation, but loyal protectors as well.


Vulpitces (the plural word for vulptex) were meant to play second fiddle when it came to creatures introduced in the sequel trilogy. There’s just no jousting with a Porg when it comes to cuteness, but these crystalline wolves proved far more helpful to the plot.

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Found on Salty Crait, the vulptex led (maybe on purpose, maybe not) the remnants of the Resistance to a secondary exit, saving them from invading First Order baddies. Vulpitces, even when not accidentally useful, are beautiful. With the right lighting, they’re a fabulous addition to formal dinners or a night of streaming and relaxing. That’s got to be worth whatever they add to the food bill.


star wars, clone wars

Blurrgs seems to function like a cross between a space bull and a space whale, with excellent strength and good speed despite looking absolutely ridiculous. They have appeared in Thrawn-related audiobooks as well as rebels, The Clone Wars, the High Republic, Y the mandalorian.

However, they do seem useful as mounts and farm animals, and were ridden by dashing Twi’leks, which is an excellent recommendation. A fuzzy pet can be considered ugly or cute, and it seems that it needs a lot of space to be its best. But they seem so much more fun to ride than rental scooters, so even urbanites would probably enjoy a family ride.


Rose Finn goes after the parents in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Parents are the equivalent of horses in the Star Wars universe and are considered cuter than even Baby Yoda. They were used as greyhounds for racing in the gambling town of Canto Bight. enough time in the last jedi was spent on parents, particularly a scene where Rose and Finn managed to (very temporarily) free some of them during one of the many side quests.

While not only is he adorable to look at and a good companion in general, parents would be great to ride with. Its speed and stability would be ideal for a number of everyday situations.

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