A Shopping Editor Loves Punchy Clips For Travel

When I travel, I often look for ways to keep my hair out of my face, whether I’m boarding a long flight or heading out for a day of sightseeing. And when I don’t have all my favorite hair products on hand or the time to achieve a salon-worthy look at my Airbnb, putting my hair up in a clip is often the best option. But an effortless updo can still be stylish, thanks to one of this year’s biggest hair trends: the claw clip. By slicking my hair back and twisting my braids into one of these clips, I can achieve a sleek look that keeps me looking and feeling fresh all day, and since I’ll save time while getting ready, that means I’ll have more opportunities to explore. and enjoy my destination (while looking stylish in vacation photos!).

My favorite clip of all time is the Big Effing Clip of Emi Jay, and while it has the traditional claw shape, what makes this clip stand out, and what ultimately makes it worth it to me, is how well it holds my hair in place. I’ve tried a few other clips and it’s hard to find one that grips my hair enough to keep it in place all day. On a trip to France this summer, I frequently used this clip (it’s now a mainstay in my bag) and my hair stayed in place for hours without having to adjust anything. Also, the clip never pulls on my hair or feels heavy; I even forget I’m wearing it most of the time.

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To buy: revolve.com$34

The clip comes in an impressive variety of colors and designs, ranging from classic shiny chocolate brown to a black bright pink. However, my personal favorite is brownstonewhich features a brown and amber checkerboard pattern (it’s the perfect combination of neutral and edgy) that perfectly complements my blonde hair.

And while $34 is certainly pretty expensive for a hair clip, I also found a variety of stylish and functional options available on Amazon, so you can achieve the same look without breaking the bank. I went through the store’s selection to find top-rated clips that reviewers say look good and hold hair in place for hours at a time. Keep scrolling for my top picks.

Tocess Large Hair Claw Clips


This set of three clips has a smooth matte finish that clings to your hair, as well as long claws that won’t cause awkward snags on your locks. Choose from a range of color combinations, including neutrals, bright colors, and variety packs so you can match your clip to your outfit.

Buyers love the clips, earning them over 20,000 five-star ratings. A critic called the set is a “must buy for long thick hair” adding: “I was able to tuck all my hair in and it stayed in place! It even held up after a day in the garden and after a trip to the gym, I’m in awe !”

To buy: amazon.com$9 (originally $18)

Auseibeely Square Claw Clips Set of 6


If you prefer a more modern way, check out these clips from Auseibeely. Given their rectangular silhouette, they have a more elevated look that you could easily wear to the office if you’re the kind of person who always puts your hair up at midday. The variety of six neutral colors will match almost any outfit, whether business or casual.

Amazon buyers especially rave about the durability and comfort of these clips, with a writing“[I] I love that I can wear these clips to sleep and I don’t get a headache.”

To buy: amazon.com$7 (originally $9)

Ahoney 4 Pack Plaid Claw Clips for Fine Hair


For buyers with shorter or finer hair, don’t miss out. this selection of Ahoney. The clips, which come in a pack of four checkered options in different shades, are smaller in size than many others on the market, and their teeth are designed to be closer together to ensure that finer strands don’t slip. And even if you have thick hair, you can also use these fun clips for half-up, half-down looks.

“I have very short, fine hair and these work really well,” exclaimed one critic. Another shopper who claims to have “fine but thick medium-length blonde hair” noted that he can wear a “sleek updo that stays on most of the day untouched.”

To buy: amazon.com$15

HQ-Site 4 Pack Large Modern Claw Clips


You can’t go wrong with a classic tortoiseshell hair accessory, and this set from HQ-Site includes four banana clips in a variety of prints that are sure to add a touch of flair to any outfit, all while keeping your hair out. Your face.

A buyer mentioned that “I have a lot of hair” and “it’s thick, so the clips usually slip. These stay undisturbed!” And despite the affordable price, reviewers say the clips are “high quality” and sturdy, compared to the cheap versions you usually find.

To buy: amazon.com$12

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