About Ambedkar Jayanti, a look at her contribution to women’s empowerment

Dr. BR Ambedkar Feminist Quotes: From historical to contemporary times, Babasaheb’s words and thoughts have remained relevant in driving the fight for intersectional equality. As the father of the Indian constitution, he shaped the early foundations of women’s rights in independent India, along with other Dalit icons like Savitribai Phule, who underwent long journeys of resistance just so that women could achieve agency education, voting, marriage and independence.

One of her most prominent contributions to women’s causes was introducing the importance of maternity benefits to mainstream India in the 1920s, a time when women, especially manual workers, were overworked in the prenatal and postnatal periods.

“I think it is in the interest of the nation that the mother should get some rest during the prenatal period and also afterwards. I am ready to admit this fact because the preservation of the welfare of the people is primarily the concern of the government,” he said, arguing in favor of a maternity benefit legislature. In 1929, the Maternity Benefits Act it was approved in Bombay for factory workers and henceforth in other provinces.

Exploring Dr. Ambedkar’s feminism, his contributions to women’s causes and equality of life

He was also instrumental in forming the foundations of the hindu marriage law (1955) with its precedent Hindu Code Act, highlighting the inclusion of a woman’s right to divorce, adopt, marry by choice, have equal rights to property, and thus ensure financial security. As the country’s first Minister of Justice, he also tirelessly pushed for women’s and minority suffrage, resulting in women gaining the right to vote.

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April 14, make you feel comfortable in the middle of the dalit history monthmarks the anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar’s birth (130 this year), an occasion to uphold and reinforce his belief in the feminist movement to ensure a dignified and equal life for all Dalits and women.

About Ambedkar Jayanti, BR Ambedkar Feminist Quotes To Guide Us

Equality as a measure of progress

“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress that the women have achieved.”

The need for women’s participation

“Unity makes no sense without the accompaniment of women. Education is useless without educated women and agitation it is incomplete without the strength of women.”

Women as key protagonists of resistance

“I strongly believe in movements led by women. If they are really trusted, they can change the current image of society, which is very miserable. In the past, they have played an important role in improving the conditions of the weaker sections and classes.”

On promoting women’s education

“We will see better days soon and our progress will be greatly accelerated if male education is coaxed alongside female education.”

Equality through discourse

“Stories of women entering into public arguments with men on the most abstruse topics of religion, philosophy, and metaphysics are not few.”