Activists Work To Reunite Stolen Pets Sold At Yulin Dog Meat Festival With Their Families

Activists Work To Reunite Stolen Pets Sold At Yulin Dog Meat Festival With Their Families
Activists Work To Reunite Stolen Pets Sold At Yulin Dog Meat Festival With Their Families

The lychee and dog meat “Festival” kicked off in the southern Chinese city of Yulin on June 21, coinciding with the summer solstice. During the annual event, festival goers eat dog meat and lychees. The festival lasts for 10 days and first started in 2009, and thousands of dogs are reportedly consumed.

Many organizations are working hard to save the dogs making their way to the festival, and many of them are reportedly stolen pets. Recently, Chinese activists saved nearly 400 animals headed for slaughter at the festival. When the dogs and cats were rescued, some were still wearing their pet collars. Many had infections, skin diseases, and were in poor physical health. The animals were transferred to a police quarantine center for 21 days, where they were able to recover and receive desperately needed veterinary care.

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Now a UK based organization NoToDogMeat is trying to locate the owners of the animals so they can bring the dogs back home to their loving families.

Activist Zhao runs the NoToDogMeat charity shelters in Hebei and Beijing and has been around many of the dogs since they were transferred to a detention shelter.

“Many of the dogs know to sit and stay, and still trust humans, we’ve seen many with tags on, and one was wearing a collar and leash still on.” Zhao said.

“We will work to try to identify the owners, but our priority right now is to make sure all dogs are healthy and have a safe place to go.”

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In April 2020, the city of Shenzhen explicitly prohibited the consumption of dogs and cats, and 75 percent Of the nearly 400 million Chinese citizens who were surveyed supported the city’s decision. A few weeks after that, China officially specified the status of dogs What companion animals instead of livestock.

Dogs and other animals are tortured in the most unimaginable ways due to the belief that the adrenaline rush created by stress and fear enhances taste. This twisted festival lasts for 10 days and more than 10,000 innocent dogs will be condemned to this harrowing fate.

sign this petition to urge the South Korean government to create programs to transition dog meat producers to more ethical industries and protect all dogs.

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