ADM Releases Top Predictions for the Global Microbiome Market

Global Nutrition Leader Outlines Emerging Trends Shaping Fast-Growing Microbiome Segment in the Year Ahead

CHICAGO, June 29, 2022 — ADM (NYSE:ADM), a global nutrition leader powering many of the world’s leading food, beverage, health and wellness brands, today released its outlook on the global human microbiome market, which is expected to reach nearly $9.1 billion by 2026.1

The findings, based on research by Outside Voice owned by ADMYE Consumer Insights Platform highlights consumer trends shaping the fast-growing market for solutions that include prebiotics, probiotics and, increasingly, postbiotics. This deep dive into the microbiome segment is based on the release of Global ADM Consumption Trends to 2022 report, which showcased the eight focus areas for food, beverage, health and wellness, and animal nutrition brands this year.

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Comprised of trillions of unique microorganisms, consumers are increasingly understanding the human gut microbiome’s link to wellness. According to Mark Lotsch, President of Global Health and Wellness at ADM: “There is a growing body of scientific evidence linking the gut microbiome to key aspects of health and wellness. Nutrition is one of the most effective tools at our disposal to support the healthy function of the microbiome. ADM research is bringing new discoveries and insights to light, demonstrating the potential positive impacts of dietary microbiome support on aspects of health and wellness. By combining clinical research with investments in real-world applications, such as our partnerships with innovators like nourished Y bright seedADM empowers its clients with the knowledge and solutions to meet consumer needs.”two

The way forward for nutrition solutions and dietary supplements that support the microbiome and help consumers meet their wellness needs lies in product innovation for new market segments, more personalized assessment tools, and products supported by The science.

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The top five trends shaping the sector this year include:

Growing consumer awareness of the gut-brain connection and the link between microbiome function with mood and cognition
In association with FMCG Gurus, ADM’s Outside VoiceYE The research found that more than half (58%) of global consumers are aware of the potential health and wellness benefits that digestive tract bacteria can have.3 With a growing awareness of the mind-body connection, consumers are paying more attention to the impact their food, beverage and supplement choices can have on their well-being. In fact, 53% of consumers say that products designed to support brain health are attractive.4 New research supports this connection: According to an Oxford University study, BioKult’s multi-species probiotic supplement have shown that the product can support mood along with other aspects related to cognitive health.

Personalized nutrition solutions designed to support the daily performance of Olympians and weekend warriors alike
Consumers are taking a more holistic view of their diet and lifestyle choices, with gut health at the center. The microbiome has become the new frontier for the next generation of personalized nutrition, with mounting evidence of links to sleep hygiene, general mental well-being, immune function, and more. Protein bars and ready-to-drink shakes are staples for all active lifestyles; soon they will be tailored to support each individual’s specific activity and lifestyle needs.

Consumers are using test kits to compare the composition of their microbiome as the phenomenon of personalized nutrition takes hold.
Personalized screening solutions are helping consumers learn more about their bodies, including analyzes of their individual gut microbiomes, and these services are rapidly going mainstream. New technology in the field is equipping consumers with test kits to compare the composition of their microbiomes, and consumers are using this information to test new diet and lifestyle habits. More than half (59%) of global consumers find the idea of ​​nutrition-focused genetic testing appealing, and of those, 64% would be willing to use this technology, according to data from the FMCG gurus.

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Demystifying Probiotics and the Skin Microbiome
Consumers increasingly believe that the benefits of probiotics extend beyond the gut, and research is beginning to uncover the role of the skin microbiome and how probiotics can support skin health in both oral and topical applications . But in a saturated skincare market, consumers are looking for solutions that back up their claims. ADM has a growing number of clinical trials investigating the role of the gut microbiome in skin health to inform its development of probiotic formulations that provide adjuvant skin support.

Consumer interest in immune health will be a top priority today and in the future
With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic converging with a resurgence of cold and flu season earlier this year, supporting immune function remains a top priority among consumers. Research shows that 75% of global consumers say they will go to greater lengths to stay healthier, and 65% are more aware of their immune health due to COVID-19.5 And what is more, 66% of global supplement consumers are looking for supplements formulated to support immune function. While the pandemic has amplified conversations around immune health, the trend is likely to continue as consumers bring new nutritional routines into their new normal.

Together, these emerging developments in the field of biotic solutions that support the microbiome, combined with growing consumer interest, have created a market with high growth potential. ADM’s team of researchers, nutrition scientists and regulatory experts, along with its innovative partners, positions the world’s leading provider of food solutions in a position to help shape the future of nutrition with the microbiome at its core.

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