Anti-LGBTQ Bill: Passing In-Form Bill Would Harm Ghana’s Economy: US Ambassador Caution

Ghana wants to pass anti-LGBTQ bill

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US Ambassador warns Ghanaians lawmakers say attempt to pass anti-LGBT bill hurts economy.

According to Ambassador Virginia Palmer, Ghanaians and lawmakers need to be wary of the move to pass Ghana’s Adequate Human Rights and Family Values ​​Bill 2021.

“It will be harmful not only to the people who are being discriminated against, but it will be harmful to everyone,” he said.

Virginia Palmer adds: “This is going to be bad for Ghana’s economy because of pressure from companies, go and speak up, say don’t equip Dia headquarters for the sake of Dia Ghanaian staff, don’t be sure.”

She explains that they only ask that people’s rights be respected, so they say get fit, live in peace and free from harm.

“We don’t want your straight children to be gay, we want your gay children to be safe,” he spoke during an interview on JoyNews.

Concern arose after Ghana’s parliament gave a strong indication that they were going to push through the anti-LGBTQ bill before the House adjourned.

But anti-LGBTQ activists in Ghana believe the US also discriminates against people who practice polygamy.

Backlash from anti-LGBTQ activists

Leaders behind anti-LGBTQ bill challenge US ambassador’s position Say they discriminate against other people’s rights

Lawmaker and anti-LGBTQ activist Sam Dzata George believes that the US government also discriminates against people’s right to polygamy.

“But until they respect the rights of people in the US who want to be polygamous, then they don’t have any moral right to speak,” adds Sam George.

Anti-LGBTQ bill proposes 10 years in prison for LGBTQ activists

Ghanaian lawmakers are proposing a 10-year prison sentence under a new bill that criminalizes LGBTQ+ activism in the country.

The main purpose of the 36-page document, Ghana’s Proper Human Rights and Family Values ​​Bill 2021 is an agreement plus what they claim to be “propaganda, advocacy for LGBTQI+ related activities.”

The reason for the new bill is the recent LGBTQ+ advocacy activism that is rising in Ghana.

Dis Bill, when it becomes law, make it impossible to even support or campaign for LGBTQ+ rights online such as social media platforms.

Ban on LGBTQ+ activities

Section 6 of the bill mentions that anyone who engages in same-sex sexual relations “has committed a felony of the second degree and shall be liable on summary conviction … to a term of not less than three years and not more than five years or both.

Prohibition of advocacy

In Section 12 of 36 pages of the Ghana Human Rights and Family Values ​​Bill, 2021, “anyone who uses media, technology platforms, technology accounts or any other media, produces, acquires, trades, transmits, disseminates, publishes or distribute material for the purpose of promoting activities prohibited by the bill.”