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NOW in its seventeenth year, the Henley Arts Trail returns to its regular venue for the early May bank holiday weekend. Since its inception in 2006 by local artists Kate Findlay, Judith Fletcher and Kirsten Jones, the trail has expanded, so this year it will feature over 300 artists in 33 different locations in and around Henley.

As all venues prepare to open next weekend, the event kicks off today (Friday) when venue 1, the Gallery of the old fire station on Upper Market Place, Henley opens its doors for the Henley Art and Crafts Guild exhibition. On Tuesday headquarters 2, gray cut will open an exhibition showcasing works created by artists from each location, using the historic property itself as inspiration.

Henley Arts Trail 2022 will take place on Saturday, April 30, Sunday, May 1, and Monday, May 2. Artists and creators hope to open up their studios and contracted venues to share their work. All venues (with the exception of Grays Court) are free to enter, with no purchase required. Guests can chat with artists about their work and explore new locations. Some venues will offer refreshments and there will be various demonstrations and workshops. Keep an eye out for the pink ‘Henley Arts Trail’ signs on the roadsides outside each venue.

The venues for 2022 are:

1 Henley Art and Crafts Guild, the Gallery of the old fire station, Henley. More than 100 paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, glass, photographs and jewelry by various artists.

two gray cut. A selection of works created by artists from all venues will be exhibited.

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3 Debbie Page Ceramics in The pottery from the yellow shedWood Lane, End Of Kidmore.

4 hollow art, Common sonning. Paintings, drawings, and painted furniture, including works by Susan Mildenhall, Robin Reynolds, and Natalie Walker.

5 creative space, Nuffield. Textiles, silverware, painting, glass and ceramics.

6 Assenden glass, Orchard Dene, Lower Assendon. Glass works by Anne Arlidge.

7 art in pheasants, Hambleden. Painting, paper-cutting, photography, printing, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, cardboard and collage by 15 local artists.

8 David Rodger Sharp Workshop, Bell Street, Henley. Goldsmithing, jewelry and leather goods, with works by Li-Sheng Cheng and Matthew Hitch.

9 Kirsten Jones and company at The Chocolate Café, side of the Thames, Henley. Painting, sculpture, ceramics and sustainable gifts.

10 Caron Light Art, The Anchor, Friday Street, Henley. Oil paintings, cards and children’s books.

eleven henley 8 in the River and Rowing Museum. Ceramics, painting, jewelry, photography, media art, and sculpture by Bronwen Coussens, Martina Fabian, Virginia Davis, Caroline Crawford, Patricia Lynch, Gillian Raine, Martin Eastabrook, and Fiona Hunter.

12 The Eyot Center, Wargrave Road, Henley. Textiles, Paintings, Bookbinding, Stained Glass, Jewelry, and Prints, with Kate Findlay, Nicola Kantorowicz, Janet Richardson, Machi De Waard, Darren Simmons, Lizzie Perkins, Janina Maher, Clare Buchta, Sarah Pye, Liz Baldin, Chris Winstanley, and Andy Field.

13 Artistry Gallery and Picture Framing, Reading Road, Henley. Paintings, ceramics, and jewelry by Sarah Pye, Julie Adlard, Kate Findlay, Caroline Gatfield, and Catherine Ingleby.

14 Studio 51, Makins Road, Henley. Ceramics by Hannah Wilson, illustrations by Emma Newton and jewelry by Diana Estornel.

fifteen Women of the Wild GardenMill Lane, Henley. Paintings by Nicole Etienne, Suzanne Etienne, Carol Pontin, and Sue Tilbury.

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sixteen Artists at Shiplake, Church Street, Shiplake. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and jewelry by Susan Carter, Sarah Cox, Grant Forsyth, Susan Horler, Dana Kidson, Maria Meerstadt, Wendy Mercier, Helen Ormerod, Susan Reeves, and more.

17 Wendy Penrose Jewelry and Friends, Orchard Close, Shiplake Cross. Jewelry next to sculptures by Alison Bell and Victoria Hunt.

18 Shiplake Arts and Crafts, Shiplake Memorial Hall, Memorial Avenue, Shiplake Cross. Paintings, sculptures, textiles, jewelry, and glass by Keith Appleby, Sue Evans, Sheila Ferris, Barbara Goodbun, Sarah Harris, John Nicholls, Dan Nicholson, Wendy Nicholson, Nina O’Connell, Sally Taylor, Karen Tomalin, and others.

19 Twyford Studios, The Thorns, Charvil. Ceramics, paintings, glass, jewelry, and more from artists including Deborah Black, Jill Chadwick, Lorna Minton, Jayne Leighton Herd, Calina Lefter, Vallari Harshwal, Mick McNicholas, Janet Roberts, Sarah Abell, Roseanna Chetwood, Sarah Luton, Maureen Stephens, and Lisa Elliott.

twenty family of artists, The Thorns, Charvil. Original paintings, hand-signed limited editions, and cards from artists like Claire Burriss, Emma Boote, and Rob Harrison.

twenty-one This MacLeod study, Beggars Hill Road, Charvil. Paintings, prints and textile products by Esté.

22 North Myrtles Art Group, San Patricio Avenue, Charvil. Featuring ceramics and prints by Cora Stock, ceramics by Elly Burlow, landscape paintings by Cathy Metcalf, and handmade fashion accessories by Kayleigh Ziegler.

23 The great plant nursery, Wargrave Road, Twyford. Sculpture and painting by artists such as Tierney Bishop, Dawn Conn, Stephanie Cushing, Juliette Derwent, Martin Duffy, Angela Farquharson, Paul Harvey, Beatrice Hoffman, Sarah Pye, and Kara Sanches.

24 war grave arts, Woodclyffe Hostel, Church Street, Wargrave. Pottery by Phil Miller, jewelry by Judi Rowlands, stained glass by Vanessa Beresford, prints by Lizzie Perkins, and paintings by Sarah Dickinson, Elaine Fear, Ann Roberts, Sheridan Smith, Sheila Williams, and others.

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25 the garden gallery at 13 New Road, Twyford. Handmade pieces by Marianne McCaughey, stone sculpture by Andrew McAlistair Hood, Kirsten Madeira-Revell and Ursula Waechter, with paintings, engravings and hand-painted ceramics.

26 buratta at the Royal Oak, Ruscombe Lane, Ruscombe. With burlesque costumes, small painted furniture, acrylics and ceramics, pastels, collage and sculptures.

27 Sally Castle, Sue Mundy, Marc Jun, and Christine Brewster, Ruscombe Lane, Ruscombe. Illustrations, linocuts, works of art, ceramics, jewelry, basketry and chairs.

28 Rebecca Howard and Lucy Keeble, Orchard Estate, Twyford. Lucy and Rebecca paintings.

29 The most beautiful house in the world plus one, Lansdowne Terrace, Twyford. Oil paintings, watercolors, sculpture and jewelry.

30 HaaHoos Ceramics, Church Street, Twyford. Ceramics. Live demonstrations and workshops.

31 Artists in Albert, Brook Street, Twyford. Home textiles, oil paintings, and more from local artists like Ceira Crainer, Martha McAllister, and Shauna Redman Fosker.

32 Whistley Arts, Lodge Road, Whistley Green. Paintings, prints and sculptures featuring oil paintings and figurative sculptures by Jonathan de Mounteney, expressive watercolors by Liz Chaderton, figurative sculptures by Sadie Brockbank and wildlife art by Catherine Ingleby.

33 Westwood Potters, Neville Hall, Milley Road, Waltham St. Lawrence. Ceramics by Kevin Akhurst, Penny Ascough, Carolyn Blackwell, Tim Kennedy, Suri Poulos and more.

For full details, to contact the artists, and to download a trail map of participating locations, email [email protected] or visit Also check out ‘Henley Arts Trail’ on Facebook or use the Instagram handle @henleyartstrail