As Nasiru Bodinga presents a five-point agenda for the constituency

As Nasiru Bodinga presents a five-point agenda for the constituency niger map

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. This is the widely accepted definition of democracy worldwide. The will of the people prevails in it. Any form of leadership lacking in democracy is now loathed by well-intentioned individuals, societies, and nations in general.

In fact, in Nigeria, it is a happy story from 1999 to date that democracy has steadily advanced. This has been true from 1999 to date, despite all odds. Nigeria is no longer the pariah nation it used to be in the community of nations, hitherto the aftermath of military incursions.

Nigeria is happily on the trajectory of running another civilian-to-civilian administration, in 2023. This is surely a moving event for all patriotic citizens and true lovers of democracy.
The various political parties have been engrossed in myriad internal party processes and activities. These activities are also being carried out successfully in accordance with the Constitution, the Electoral Law and the party statutes.

The most recent activities of the political parties were the successful conduct of primary elections to elect their standard-bearers for various elective offices, ranging from the state House of Assembly, the National Assembly, the governorship and the presidency. Some are still doing so, according to the INEC timetable, as well as the electoral guidelines.

For the APC, the party had successfully run primary elections with the national convention to elect its presidential candidate for the upcoming 2023 general election.

In Sokoto state, APC also successfully held its primary elections, which resulted in several candidates appearing for the state assembly, the House of Representatives and the governorship.

Thus, it was as a result of this rigorous process that heralded the emergence of a young Nigerian, the tried and trusted Alhaji Nasiru Shehu Bodinga, as the party’s standard-bearer for the Bodinga/Dange-Shuni/Tureta federal constituency.

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Indeed, this bodes well for the constituency, the state and Nigeria in general. If he is elected, the candidate is a man whose penchant for hard work, piety, patriotism, diligence, responsibility and commitment is unparalleled. In fact, if he is elected, the constituency, state, and county would all be better for it, a consequence of the background of the standard-bearer whose middle name is ‘Mr. Hard Work.’

It should be noted here that in Islam, good leaders are good followers, humble, pious, truthful, simple and realize that success comes only from Allah. There is a leadership system in Islam; therefore, leaders must be obeyed and call for truth.
“And we made them leaders, guiding by our mandate; and we inspire them to do good deeds and observe prayer and give charity. They were devoted servants of Us.” [Qur’an, 21:73].

From the above verse of the Qur’an, it can be concluded that it is Allah Almighty who appoints the leaders. He is not selected by anyone, or given in a will, or established by any committee. The role of a leader in Islam is also summarized to guide and establish the Islamic society. The main aspects of leadership are knowledge and power, as mentioned in the Qur’an.
Also, “you run things; you lead the people. —Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper. Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality. — Warren Bennis. My own definition of leadership is this: the ability and willingness to bring men and women together for a common purpose and character that inspires confidence. —General Montgomery
“Leadership is raising a person’s vision to higher sights, raising a person’s performance to a higher standard, building a personality beyond its normal limitations. -Peter Drucker.

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The above leadership quotes are just to substantiate the fact that Alhaji Nasiru Shehu Bodinga perfectly fits the responsibility Almighty God entrusted to him and the constituents.
“In fact, I felt happy and elated after I emerged as a candidate. I really must be thankful to Almighty God, APC leaders, delegates and supporters in the constituency, the state and nationally,” said the candidate reacting to his victory in the constituency primary elections held in May. 29,2022.
He was born on November 2, 1980 in Kauran-Miyo City, Bodinga Local Government Area in Sokoto. He attended Kauran-Miyo Elementary School, JSS Bodinga and Sani Dingyadi Unity High School, Farfaru-Sokoto. He also attended Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.

After graduating, Bodinga joined the business where he carved out a niche for himself and wrote his name in gold.
The APC representative candidate is a multifaceted man, a man of the people and a business tycoon. At one point he was the vice president of the Sokoto State Traders Association, as well as the former state chairman of the Independent Petroleum Traders Association (IPMAN). He is also the incumbent chairman of the Sokoto State Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC).

The APC candidate, now fully immersed in politics and business, also revealed his five-point agenda for the electorate.
“I am really worried about the underdevelopment in my constituency. This was actually caused by a lack of quality representation from the current legislator in the House of Representatives who has been there since 2019. So if elected I intend to implement a five point agenda to reverse the ugly trend.” , said.
He named the agenda to include improving trade and commerce, boosting security, education, empowering women and youth, and agriculture.

On trade and commerce, he promised to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with grants and capital.
“Many of our people want to venture into various businesses, but for lack of adequate capital.
“If elected, I will expand the scope of my assistance to merchants to capture as many as possible.

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“Under this plan, many people would be employed and this would reduce poverty and unemployment and avoid the attendant consequences,” Shehu said.
Similarly, Shehu said that if elected, he will give top priority to the empowerment of women and youth to curb youth unrest.

“An idle mind is truly the devil’s workshop and the threat of unemployment, especially among the young, can exacerbate prevailing security challenges,” he said.

Shehu, who is also the state chairman of the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), denounced the recurrence of kidnapping, banditry, cattle rustling and various other crimes in the area.
“The security challenges have been concerning me and I would partner with the various security agencies to address the situation,” he said.

On agriculture, Shehu said he plans to help farmers with a variety of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, implements and improved seed varieties to increase yields.

“Many people want to venture into farming but lack the capital to do so, so it would help those people become successful farmers.
“This gesture would boost food production, guarantee food security and strengthen the socioeconomic development of the state,” he said.

On education, Shehu promised to establish an educational foundation to help destitute students with scholarships to enable them to acquire education at all levels.
From the above, it can be deduced that the people of Bodinga/Dange-Shuni/Tureta will never have it as good as when Bodinga is finally elected in the general elections which, in sha Allahu, will happen.

Sani writes from Rungumi-Sokoto.