Australian man has a 6-minute fight with a kangaroo caught on video

A video of what appears to be a boxing match between a kangaroo and an Australian man went viral last week.

The 6-minute fight occurred outside the man’s home after failing to chase away the unwanted visitor. Complex told

A man from Ballina on the north coast of New South Wales named Cliff Des got into a pickle with the six-foot-tall kangaroo “trying to get my little dogs out of the yard.”

The brutal battle with the rebellious kangaroo remembered in Today’s Show Australia featured Des talking about the “fight of his life”.

“I started running into my garden and next thing I knew I slipped and he jumped on my back,” he said. “She didn’t want to leave. She just raised her claws, stood up and started chasing me.”

The viral video started at that moment.

The Wild Tale About Fighting a 6 Foot Buck

Des described the moment he tackled and body slammed the eastern gray to the ground.

The footage shows Des being chased by the furious animal and hitting the ground. She stomped on him until he got up and desperately grabbed a stick to fight him off.

“Where I landed I was lucky enough to land on a stick…but after three hits it snapped like a carrot and I thought this guy was serious. He’s going to cross me real good,” Des said.

It was then that the two paired up and traded blows and hooks.

Des, a former boxing trainer, was also overwhelmed by the wild animal’s boxing technique, so he “took it to the ground” MMA-style and fought for five minutes.

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“It cut me on the top of my head, bit my finger, tore my arm a bit and gored me on the back of my leg.”

Des suspects that the animal may have become extremely aggressive and “quite a thief” due to a certain Phalaris weed appearing in his garden.

“When they eat it, they get something called Polaris toxicity,” he said.

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Still an Australian icon

Des’s fight with the animal did not create any grudge against this “beautiful creature”.

“They’re an Australian icon… just don’t go near them. They can break… we don’t know how they think. They don’t know how we think.”

“Everyone tries them and says they’re back on the roads and we’re hitting them with our cars, but when you break it down, we build our roads on top of theirs.”

Des was glad it didn’t happen to anyone vulnerable like the elderly, women, or children, or it could have been worse and ended in a fatal incident.

Generally, the risk of being attacked by a kangaroo is very low.

In fact, fewer than five people in NSW receive treatment for kangaroo-related injuries, according to Environment and Heritage Office.

The risk of an attack generally occurs in areas where people have altered the natural habitat and feeding patterns of kangaroos, or new habitat has been provided by the creation of dams, roosts, and grazing.

In some cases, a kangaroo sees a person as a “sparring partner.”

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