Awards Series 2022: THIERRY LASRY

BLLA: What is your company’s mission statement?

TL: Thierry Lasry draws on the brand’s unique design choices and sophisticated taste. Staying authentic with its core following and inviting new customers to discover eyewear in Thierry Lasry’s natural habitat, the product and store operate to the highest standards of craftsmanship, lifestyle, luxury and experience. The assortment feels rare and the moment feels exclusive.

THIERRY LASRY | New York, NY — Photo by BLLA

BLLA: How does your company embrace the boutique lifestyle?

TL: We only have two stores worldwide. New York and Paris, where our offices are located. The experience and lifestyle of the boutiques are adapted to the cities. Our eyewear stores are often a destination, but they cater well to the casual visitor and any interest in between.

LC (Director of Shadow Architect): During initial design discussions a few years ago, Thierry emphasized the need to make shopping in the store an experience. The wallpaper, furniture, music and, of course, the vibrant glasses on display create an atmosphere for the brand’s New York identity.

TL: Our Soho store was ready to open the same day New York City began closing its doors for Covid in March 2020. For nearly two years, we’ve waited for Soho to return to the pre-pandemic traffic we knew when we planned open the store; some days, we still wait. New York always surprises us. We had the opportunity to meet our customers and neighbors and introduce the brand to so many new people during this time. This is our idea of ​​boutique living.

THIERRY LASRY | New York, NY — Photo by BLLA

BLLA: Why does your company believe in the boutique movement?

CL: The boutique movement requires a level of engagement with customers and an overall shopping experience that sets the store apart from conventional shopping.

TL: Walking into the Thierry Lasry store in Lafayette, there is immediately colour, duality, energy, comfort and inspiration! You’ll find a bookcase filled with a portion of my collection of books on art, fashion, and music mixed with toys and media, integrated into archived brand collaborations.

Aside from the glasses, the main attraction of the store is the stuffed animal covered chair that has been created, which many sit on but is loved by all. Bear bricks adorn the shop with character. White subway tile walls contrast with hand-laid stone floors. The back wall features a mural by the legendary artist Faust painted in black and white in French. As a nod to my Parisian roots, the lyrics to a classic French song le soleil brille a pleins feux mais je ne vois que tes yeux are written in graffiti using the famous Faust hand style). Upside down, on the outside of the store, around the windows, is the English translation that means: The sun shines brightly, but all I can see is your eyes. You can sit on the sofa or in matching chairs, enjoy the coffee table readings we have, or let one of the experts select the best frames for you. The option to shop on the wall or on the tables, like in a department store, is quite unusual for an eyewear boutique.

We re-merchandise all the time. The store always looks fresh and new every time. The atmosphere is fun; our team is happy to be there; the selection is the biggest and best of the brand anywhere; you can add your RX, take lots of selfies and add joy to your day. And if you’re lucky, he might be on the floor to help you when no one expects it.

BLLA: What are some exciting projects you are working on right now?

TL: We have many collaborations in the coming months! We are excited to find creative ways to display them in the store and reinvent parts of the space. The holiday season will be a wonderful time to stop by the store and check out some new things and changes!

Ariela Kiradjian (BLLA) with Elizabeth Lippman at the awards dinner on October 25 | Westlake Village Inn — Photo by BLLA

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