Bella Hadid shows off ‘honey blonde hair’ and leaves fans speechless after transformation

bella hadid dark hair

bella hadid dark hair

Bella Hadid has had quite a few hairstyles this year (including getting some edgy choppy bangs (which debuted during Paris Fashion Week just a few months ago!), but we have to admit, her latest hair transformation might just be our favorite of all!

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Bella Hadid debuts honey blonde hair

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only A-lister to ditch her trademark dark locks for a much lighter tone this year, as the 26-year-old model said goodbye to her brunette braids and hello to some honey blondes, which she revealed in an Instagram story that sent her fans into an absolute frenzy.

“I feel a little better and a little blonder,” Bella wrote on her Instagram Story. Bella credited stylist Jessica Gillin and colorist Jenna Perry for the dazzling cut, style, and color, and we love how Perry went into detail about her look to perhaps inspire anyone who wants to go for the same look.

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How was Bella’s new hair achieved?

According to Perry, PrettyThe color of was achieved by lifting your dark color to as light a color as possible before toning it to your desired honey shade. “We’ve been dreaming of a lighter color for a while, but this was a ‘Let’s see how far we can go’ moment,” Perry said. Fashion. “We call this shade ‘Baby Bella’ or ‘Aspen Blonde,'” adding that the color “feels pristine and natural.” It certainly looks shiny and healthy, which is something we often have to sacrifice when looking for lighter shades, so we’re glad to see Bella’s hair condition hasn’t suffered!

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Gillin also chimed in, telling the fashion bible that she added custom-colored hair extensions to give Bella the perfect length, which she paired with neat bangs and long layers so they wouldn’t be detected. Mission accomplished, we say!

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Bella’s uncanny resemblance to older sister Gigi Hadid

We didn’t realize how much Bella looked like her. big sister gigi hadid until we saw them side by side in an Instagram story shared by Gillin and re-shared by Perry. They both have similar hair colors now, and they definitely look more like twins!

Fan Comments

Bella shared some photos of herself, and her new hair, on her Instagram network on December 21 to celebrate Gigi, 27, opening her Guest in Residence store in Aspen, Colorado, including the photo her stylists shared on their own Instagram Stories. “So proud of my sister @gigihadid for opening her new @guestinresidence store in Aspen. 413 E Hyman!!!” Bella captioned her carousel. “She works so hard and the product speaks for itself! She is so Gigi!” she added, with many, many fans dropping complimentary comments and emojis for her new hair.

“Wooow love your new hair color,” one fan commented, followed by the red heart emoji. “Okay blonde hair,” added another. “Bella in her blonde era,” gushed another. “This hair,” another fan said, followed by the fire emoji. “This blonde,” another fan wrote, followed by two heart-eye emojis and a fire emoji. “I just love blonde Bella,” another fan congratulated, followed by four red heart emojis, while another said: “Blonde Bella is amazing.” And we couldn’t agree more!

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