Beyond the store, Petco is meeting a new set of needs for pet owners

By creating an interconnected network of channels, platforms, services and products, retailers are not only better equipped to seamlessly satisfy today’s hybrid shoppers, but also prepare their businesses for the future by considering how the ongoing digital transformation will continue to impact not only where consumers and retailers interact, but create new needs and areas of opportunity to meet through evolved models and processes. These new, next-generation omnichannel retail business models are expanding consumer touchpoints while driving greater value through end-to-end services and omniverse channel offerings.

As a way to build its own ecosystem and further differentiate itself from competitors within the space, Petco is creating a best-in-class suite of value-added services and strategically partnering with other companies to tap into adjacent retail sectors. The pet retailer recently partnered with Lowe’s by store in store deals at select locations. By taking into account the entire lifestyle of consumers, rather than a single purchase, Petco is able to scale complementary services and provide a multifaceted brand experience. Through the Lowe’s partnership, DIY Loving Pet Parents they can actively consider and buy into their pets’ health and wellness needs while working on their own home improvement projects. Store-to-store locations will feature Petco’s own employees to offer enhanced pet-focused guidance along with advice from Lowe’s associates on home improvement projects.

Additionally, the pet-focused retailer has introduced a test-and-learn concept store format, where shoppers can easily sign up for veterinary and grooming services through Petco Vital Care Offer, an annual plan that has attracted more than 130,000 members to date and includes routine veterinary exams and discounted grooming sessions. The concept store also offers exclusive experiences, such as VIP in-store events for Pals Rewards and Vital Care members. There is also a robust nutrition center complete with onlydogfood fresh and frozen foods, as well as on-site nutrition experts, reinforcing Petco’s commitment to caring for the whole health of pets. Petco is also adding CLIF PET™ Y Animal of the Earth® product assortments to its shelves as part of its mission to bring sustainable and innovative new offerings to Petco pet owners.

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Beyond the store, Petco is also expanding its partnership with Homeless, an online marketplace for pet care. Petco customers will now be able to access the boarding, grooming, dog walking and pet daycare services provided by Rover through the Petco website. By expanding their offerings and building partnerships, retail brands can meet a broader range of consumer needs and drive deeper engagement. The key is understanding where the brand is allowed to appear and where it can spread most effectively.


This article originally appeared in the PSFK iQ report, Transforming retail through innovation.