Boyfriend of the year? Singapore surprises her girlfriend with a dream vacation in Paris, moving her to tears, Lifestyle News

Surprising a loved one with a gift can seem quite daunting, as one can never really know how the recipient would react.

Well, a Singaporean man was cool when he recently surprised his girlfriend with a winter trip to Paris.

He was sure she would take the surprise positively. To be fair, who wouldn’t?

According to him, he had long dreamed of visiting Paris one day and it seems his partner was listening the whole time.

In a TikTok video posted on Wednesday (December 28), the Sunday couple shared what their surprise trip to Paris went like. it moved the woman so much that it moved her to tears.


Christmas surprise 🎄🎁 ❤️

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The couple was seen relaxing at home, watching a food and travel show about Paris.

It was clear how fascinated the woman was with the city of love: when the Eiffel Tower and various French foods flashed across the screen, they gave her a “wah.”

However, her boyfriend brought her back to earth.

“But Paris is very expensive. Maybe we’ll go to Bangkok instead,” he suggested.

Little did she know that he had already purchased a pair of Singapore Airlines plane tickets to Paris for approximately $2,300.

According to the booking details, the vacation took place in early November.

On the day of the surprise, the couple worked out together in the morning before sharing a meal at Arteastiq DePatio.

The man planned the big reveal to happen at home. He wrote destinations on two pieces of paper and asked his girlfriend to choose one.

Actually, he had written “Paris” twice.

Choosing her option, he showed her the plane tickets on her phone, leaving her stunned.

“Are you serious? You bought the tickets. I’m so excited,” she said before crying.

In the comments section, netizens seemed equally moved by his actions., and many mentioned that they too were crying.

“Oh my gosh this brought me to tears. Such a lovely gesture. They are both so lucky to have each other,” said one TikTok user.


One netizen mentioned that they “could only go to Pasir Ris” instead of the French capital. This got a cheeky response from a certain Chef Bob.


Others cheekily suggested that another family member should board that plane to Paris with them.



AsiaOne has contacted Sundaycouple for more information.

Earlier this month, a woman in Kuala Lumpur received a bright pink Porsche 718 Spyder as a birthday present.

The surprise was a gift from her boyfriend, who recalled a conversation they had about wanting a “bling bling supercar.”

He took her words to heart and presented the car to her in a transparent container truck.

It had a huge “Happy Birthday” message taped to the side and pink heart-shaped balloons added for good measure.

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