BTS V’s Most Recommended Movies and Shows

Gregarious, talented, and a true connoisseur of all things vintage: BTS’s V, or Kim Taehyung if you prefer, leads a glamorous life. However, he enjoys relaxing with a good movie or show just as much as anyone else. Here are some of BTS V’s favorites on his birthday.

The lead dancer, vocalist, and visual for seven-member K-pop sensation BTS – V is a modern renaissance man. Reportedly the only member of the group to have acted in a K-drama, read Hwarang, he also immersed himself in photography, composition, and writing. And with the hiatus underway, he hopes to experience a lot more. Curiously, his foray into the entertainment The world began as an accident: he secured a position as a trainee when he went to auditions to support a friend. Three years later, he debuted with BTS.

Today, Taehyung is known for his vocal prowess and versatile sense of style. The latter is marked by a taste for the style of yesteryear: flared pants, ruffles, oversized blazers, bow ties, suspenders and more. That, along with his outgoing yet sensitive nature, has also influenced his choice of content he consumes, which in turn influences his solo songs. Through interviews and livestreams, he has revealed an affinity for classic movies that explore serious themes and leave you thinking. Each, however, comes with an adventurous streak, just like the singer himself. In honor of V’s 28th birthday, we made our way through the BTS singer’s favorite movies and shows.

Add These BTS V Recommended Shows And Movies To Your Watchlist

squid game

This Korean drama took the world by storm when it first premiered in 2021. And Taehyung wasn’t immune to the hype surrounding it. In fact, he dressed as a security guard. squid game while it is done permission to dance in Los Angeles that year. The story follows 456 players, each of whom has a financial debt to pay off. His only hope? A series of deadly children’s games that have a huge cash prize waiting for the winner. Along the way, they highlight social issues and confront harsh realities. If dystopian tales appeal to you, as V does, this is for you.

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The Godfather

In 2021, V revealed in an interview that he admired Marlon Brando’s acting prowess in the cult classic. Godfather. The story, based on Mario Puzo’s best-selling novel of the same name, tells the story of the patriarch of the Corleone family, who decides to hand over his empire to his youngest son. However, this endangers the lives of everyone he cares about. The three-part feature touches on all the gritty and ugly aspects of a career in crime: politics, betrayal, and everything in between. The compelling storytelling earned it multiple awards, including Best Picture at the coveted Academy Awards. However, it is quite long, which the singer shared caused him to fall asleep the first time he saw it. However, when he tried it again, he was hooked.


Another wildly popular movie: Parasite is a dark satire that touches on topics such as class discrimination and capitalism. It does so through the story of the poverty-stricken Kims serving the wealthy Park family to make ends meet. Heavy use of imagery, shocking twists, and gritty dialogue describe the parasitic relationship between the two families. Critically acclaimed for its intelligent storytelling, the film won several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Picture. During this time, V recommended the movie to his fans during a live broadcast. In particular, his close friend Choi Woo Shik starred.

It was time

A classic when it comes to romantic dramas – This film tells the story of Tim Lake, who discovers at the age of 21 that the men in his family have the ability to travel through time. Although he cannot change history, this gift allows him to alter his own life. Determined to do better, he decides to get a girlfriend and meets Mary. They fall in love, all while dealing with the little setbacks that come with this extraordinary situation. Tim uses it to plan the perfect wedding, prevent minor disasters, and even get his wife to the hospital in time for his daughter’s birth. However, he soon realizes that even he cannot avoid life’s sorrows. On numerous occasions, V has shared that he deeply appreciates the film, noting that his solo song Winter Bear was inspired by his proposal scene. He also revealed in an interview that the celebrity he liked was Rachel McAdams, the lead actress in this movie.

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reserve dogs

Taehyung, like many other movie fans, enjoys a good Tarantino performance. In 2021, he revealed that reserve dogs was an all-time favorite, later adding that it had inspired his look for Butter also. The story follows six criminals who are hired by a crime boss to carry out a rather simple diamond heist. They are given fake names so they don’t get too familiar with each other. However, when the police arrive just in time, panic ensues and two are killed in a shootout. Soon enough, suspicions arise that one of them is an undercover cop. This is as exciting as it sounds.

red notice

About a year ago, the BTS members finally opened their individual account. instagram accounts – almost eight years after his debut. V often takes to the platform to share snippets of his life outside of the glitz and glam with fans. More recently, this involved a story of him watching Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot do what they do best in red notice. The film follows an FBI profiler who, after a Red Notice issued by Interpol (highest level arrest warrant), goes after the most wanted criminal: an art thief. This puts him in cahoots with his rival, who turns out to be the biggest art thief in the world. What follows is a rollercoaster ride through lonely prisons, dance floors, and even the jungle. This is an artist through and through.

call me by your name

Based on the homonymous novel by Andra Aciman – call me by your name is set in the summer of 1983, in northern Italy, where an American-Italian teenager spends his time reading, listening to music, and flirting with this friend in his family’s 17th-century villa. Although mature, with a good relationship with his eminent teacher’s father and his successful translator mother, he is still naive when it comes to matters of the heart. So when he comes face to face with a charming American student, a summer intern helping his father, he discovers desire, love and everything in between. V has shared, on multiple fronts, that he enjoyed the film, stating that he had added the full OST of it to his playlist during a live broadcast with fellow BTS member J-Hope. He also surprised fans with a piano rendition of a song from the movie.

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Midnight in Paris

Another Racheal McAdams leading lady: Midnight in Paris follow a couple on Paris, whose family is in town on business. Engaged to be married soon, the protagonist is enraptured with La Ville Lumiere, traveling down memory lane to a time away from his fiancée, just as he is working on his first novel. Exploring the illusion that the grass is greener: This film is moving and captivating. V certainly agrees. The singer took to social media to share snapshots of him visiting different filming locations for the Woody Allen movie, also posing in the exact locations.

Which of these are you adding to your watch list for the holidays?

All images: Courtesy of BTS V