Building narratives: Rukuni’s inspirational message to young women

Inspirational young author Ruvarashe Rukuni has published her debut book titled Unmasking Her Success, an inspirational piece of women’s literature to be released virtually soon.

Rukuni is the founder of Quote Me, a project dedicated to capturing the achievements of women with the ultimate goal of inspiring the next generation of young women. She has worked for Whispers, a feminist women’s organization dedicated to promoting gender equality at all levels.

A former Fletcher High School student, she holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe.

His book features respected leaders in academia, politics, and business, including diplomat and former legislator Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga, China-based physician Mejury Chipato, and respected academic Petronella Munhenzva.

She says the goal of her book is to send a plea for hope to those who want to help intellectually gifted women and girls with promising future prospects but who lack the financial resources to amplify and convert their ideas. in fruition

In Unmasking Her Success, Rukuni cites and exposes the pains and eventual victories of different women in society. What immediately caught my attention were the diverse stories of successful young women who are building beautiful and inspiring narratives in various communities within and beyond the borders of Zimbabwe.

Unmasking Her Success is unique in that the author employs writing techniques quite different from the traditional ones. Beneath each chapter, Rukuni strings in lyrical poems, which are linked to the success stories of identified women. Here she incorporates poetry as an inspirational writing technique that in turn complements the women’s stories cited in the book.

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His poem titled The Potter is unique and is included in the book’s agenda as it makes direct allusions to the Biblical story of The Potter and the mud in the book of Jeremiah.

Unlike Jeremiah, where God describes himself as the Potter and the Israelites as clay, Rukuni likens success to pottery and here individuals are given primary responsibility for taking charge of their life narratives and live a meaningful and purposeful life. She emphasizes that it is of the utmost importance that women become socially, politically and economically independent.

Rukuni’s main message in the text seems to be that “women are the custodians of their own destiny and are not appendages of men or second-class citizens.”

The moving story of a woman who was unable to further her education due to financial incapacity has an inspiring backbone. The poor woman is exiled to marry only 18 years old.

Her husband had passed away after she had just given birth to their six-month-old son. She was only 21 years old and her family forced her to follow the famous kugara nhaka tradition. To escape from that jail, she later runs away from her husband’s house, leaving her homeless and suffering a devastating blow. Fast forward to today, she is now a respected attorney.

In the text, Rukuni also calls on women to unite by shaking hands with each other.

“I don’t understand how women can try to destroy other women’s reputations. Women together are stronger and must work towards solidarity,” said Rukuni.

Rukuni says that the Quote Me project is rooted in a belief in discovering women’s success stories and presenting them to the world so that they become a beacon of hope.

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