Buzz On Renewed SOGIE Bill Passing Amid ‘Straight Rights’ Bill

Buzz On Renewed SOGIE Bill Passing Amid 'Straight Rights' Bill LGBTQ
Members of the LGBTQIA+ community participate in the 2022 Metro Manila Pride Parade and Festival held on the grounds of the Philippine Cultural Center complex in Pasay City on Saturday, June 25, 2022 (KJ Rosales/The Philippine STAR)

A invoice “Recognizing, defining and protecting the rights of heterosexuals” was presented by Rep. benny advance (Manila, District 6).

This caused LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, (questioning), intersex, asexual, and (agender) advocates raising once again that the SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression) The Equality Bill covers the rights of all genders.

Abante and other conservative lawmakers consistently opposed the SOGIE bill, which has been pushed through Congress for decades, arguing that there is no need to pass a law against gender discrimination.

“The SOGIESC Equality Bill in no way says that it is a law exclusively for LGBTQIA+ people”, President of Bahaghari Queen Valmores said in a tweet on Wednesday, November 9.

“Kaya po SOGIESCA EQUALITY – Seeks EQUALITY among all Filipinos, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, uplifting those who too often face discrimination,” he added.

“A law that is ‘for straight’ is of no use, considering that heterosexuals or heterosexuals have been seen as ‘normal’ for a long time,” he said. continued.

Valmores considered the proposed bill is a “pathetic joke of a law, clearly worded to mock those who advocate for gender equality”.

“It is a waste of precious resources, space and time that is better spent affirmatively to address the real concerns of Filipinos facing discrimination and violence,” he said. said.

Also television personality and trans woman drag questioned the need to legislate the heterosexual bill.

“Again, giving equal rights to the LGBTQIA+ community does not mean less rights for others. It’s not a cake. How can they grant this “Straight Act” when heterosexuals are not really oppressed? Ang galeng”, Kaladkaren said.

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What is the ‘heterosexual rights’ bill?

Under House Bill No. 5717, it guarantees the following rights to heterosexuals:

  • adhere to, practise, proclaim, promote, propagate, defend and protect their religion and their religious beliefs, convictions and norms without interference and/or coercion;
  • practice and enjoy their religious profession and worship without interference or impairment of the right to exclude from them others of beliefs or different beliefs;
  • express yourself and communicate freely with others, in private or in public, verbally or in writing or through print or broadcast media or through social media platforms that exist now or may be developed in the future;
  • freely express, exercise and impose, in the functioning or operation of their churches, businesses, schools or workplaces; Y
  • freely express their views, orally or in writing, in private or in public, in print or broadcast media, or on social media platforms that exist now or may be developed in the future about homosexuality, bisexuality and people transgender and queer in accordance with their religious beliefs and practices and biblical principles and norms.

Meanwhile, they are prohibited under this measure:

  • prevent, prohibit, restrict or otherwise interfere with the free exercise and enjoyment by heterosexuals of any of their rights;
  • attempt to prohibit, reduce or otherwise interfere with the free exercise and enjoyment by heterosexuals of any of their rights under this Act;
  • threaten, directly or indirectly, in any way, a homosexual for exercising any of his rights under this Law.

Violators of the proposed law can be jailed for five to seven years and fined P100,000 to P200,000.

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“Heterosexuals must be respected and protected,” the pastor-turned-lawmaker said, noting that “they are real and direct creations of God.”

‘Legitimate intolerance’

Season 1 of “Drag Race Philippines” runner-up navy summers He raised an eyebrow at Abante’s statement.

“Equal rights for all does not mean less rights for their so-called ‘direct creations of God’. Are you oppressed? And if that is the mold of ‘direct creations of God’, good thing I’m gay”, the drag queen said.

Some also said the bill weaponizes religion and legitimizes bigotry against LGBTQIA members.

“What’s new? Can’t you do anything girl? Straight act, but what I see is purely religious freedom and militarization of religion. This is a blatant attempt to allow bigotry under the guise of religion. Love it!” this product you think! Be sober!” a Twitter user said.

“Under this bill, straight people have the ‘right’ to practice their religion and the ‘freedom’ to express their views on homosexuality. This only fosters a dangerous and deadly culture of impunity and intolerance that has claimed the lives of many LGBT people,” Laguna-based LGBT group Lakampati said in a sentence.

“To summarize, HB 5717 has clear goals; to continue to oppress people outside of the heteronormative configuration and strip LGBT people of their inherent human rights, all while masquerading as a legitimate demand of the people that is validated, protected and amplified by law,” the group additional.

Vice Dean of Research and Creative Work of the Ateneo de Manila University and sociologist of religion Jayeel Cornelius shared a similar opinion, calling Abante’s bill “religious evil.”

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“When you invoke ‘biblical principles’ to legitimize your bigotry, you are not protecting your right as a heterosexual. You are legalizing hate against LGBTQ+”, the scholar said in a tweet.

“This bill should be called what it really is: religious evil,” Cornelio said.

human rights lawyer Chel Diokno, For his part, he said that in addition to legitimizing the hatred experienced by LGBTQIA, the heterosexual bill does not address issues of gender discrimination.

“The proposed Straight Law only serves to legitimize the very real oppression LGBTQIA Filipinos experience now,” Diokno said.

“This bill turns a blind eye to the daily experiences of being denied a service or denied opportunities in education and employment simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression,” he said. continued.

The lawyer also called for the approval of the SOGIE bill.

“does it [heterosexual bill] it is legal to deny the dignity of another person. Whatever we believe, we can all agree is wrong. Instead of this bill, the SOGIE Law should be enacted,” said Diokno said.