Canada supports affordable housing in Charlottetown

CANADA, April 25 – Everyone in Canada deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. The COVID-19 crisis has made it clear that affordable housing is key to Canada’s recovery, in communities across the country, including in Charlottetown.

Today, Sean Casey, Member of Parliament for Charlottetown on behalf of the Honorable Ahmed Hussen, Minister for Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, along with the Honorable Brad Trivers, Provincial Minister for Social Development and Housing, announced nearly $7.9 million in federal funding to create 28 new supportive homes through the Rapid Housing Initiative.

The Province, through the Department of Social Development and Housing, previously invested $2 million in the modular housing project as a non-refundable donation.

Located at 203 Fitzroy in Charlottetown, the four-story modular building, a project of the Canadian Mental Health Association of PEI, will include studio and one-bedroom apartments for people dealing with mental health and/or addiction issues.

New investments under the Fast Housing Initiative will create thousands of good housing and construction jobs, grow the middle class and rebuild stronger communities while bringing us closer to our goal of eliminating chronic homelessness in Canada.


“Everyone in Canada deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. Thanks to the Rapid Housing Initiative, we are making this a reality by supporting those who need it most by quickly providing affordable housing for people in need across Canada, including in Charlottetown, to keep them safe. This is one of the many ways our National Housing Strategy continues to ensure that no one is left behind.” — The Honorable Ahmed Hussen, Minister for Housing, Diversity and Inclusion

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“Through the Quick Housing Initiative, our government is investing in affordable housing here in Charlottetown and across Canada to help create jobs and improve the quality of life for those who need it most. With today’s announcement, we are providing an opportunity for members of our community struggling with mental health and addiction issues to make a positive difference in their lives and in the community. Having access to safe, supportive and affordable housing is key to their recovery. This is the National Housing Strategy in action”. — Sean Casey, Member of Parliament for Charlottetown

“All islanders deserve access to safe and affordable housing. The province is committed to growing its housing supply and is delighted to partner with CMHA – PEI on a 28-unit modular facility that will support the organization’s Housing First program. This project is a beautiful example of coming together to support one another through federal, provincial and community investments.”

– The Honorable Brad Trivers, Minister of Social Development and Housing

“There is a great need for safe and affordable housing in Charlottetown and in the province as a whole. These units will be for people receiving assistance through the organization’s mental health programs. The project also allows CMHA PEI to add much-needed office and meeting space to continue developing its successful outreach program, such as peer support, education, and housing. CMHA is excited for this next stage of the project coming together and seeing the modular units installed.” — Shelley Muzika, MBA, BBA, Executive Director, Director of Finance, Administration and Corporate Support, Canadian Mental Health Association – PEI Division

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Fast facts:

  • The RHI is a $2.5 billion program to help address the urgent housing needs of vulnerable Canadians, especially in the context of COVID-19, through the rapid construction of more than 10,000 units of affordable housing.
  • To ensure more affordable housing can be built quickly, Budget 2022 proposes to provide $1.5 billion over two years, beginning in 2022-23, to extend the Quick Housing Initiative.
  • The RHI has received significant interest from indigenous groups, resulting in 41% of all units created under the program targeting indigenous peoples.
  • About 33% of this new funding will go to women-focused housing projects.
  • This new funding is expected to create at least 6,000 new affordable housing units, with at least 25 percent of the funding going to women-focused housing projects.
  • Units are intended to be built within 12 months of funding being awarded to program applicants (with some exceptions), and units in the North and in special access communities are intended to be built within 18 months.
  • The RHI takes a human rights-based approach to housing, serving people experiencing or at risk of homelessness and other vulnerable people under the NHS, including women and children fleeing domestic violence, older people, young adults, indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, people experiencing mental health and addiction problems, veterans, LGBTQ2 people, Canadians of color and black, and recent immigrants or refugees.
  • The Government of Canada’s National Housing Strategy is an ambitious 10-year plan that will invest more than $72 billion to give more Canadians a place to call home.

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