Candidate Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen gains significant ground as one

SAN FRANCISCO, June 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Candidate Dr. Vinson Eugene Allen is gaining popularity across the state and has built a strong foundation for the upcoming June 7 primary election for California Commissioner of Insurance. The candidate has been campaigning up and down the California coast, spreading the message: “We’re in this together.” According to a recent question-and-answer session with The San Diego Tribune, Dr. Allen has positioned himself as one of the top three Democrats to enter the race and has raised more than $1 million. The Los Angeles Doctor also received public endorsement from the San Diego Voice & View Point.

Dr. Allen’s advertising platform has taken off across the state, reaching voters from San Diego to Oakland, California. In Los Angeles, the Doctor has dominated publicity around the city with billboards, local radio and television ads, reminding voters to get out and vote. Many Southern Californians have begun showing their support by donating to Dr. Allen. The nominee has received the endorsement of the National Association of African American Insurance Agents and has received the endorsement of the (IAPAC) I Chinese American Political Action Committee. Support grows day by day for the candidate. Dr. Allen is known in Los Angeles for feeding families and taking charge of the community when there is a crisis.

Oakland voters have shown their support for the candidate. Dr. Allen has been making weekly visits to the Bay Area, working diligently to listen to the silent and unspoken voices in those communities. Voters believe he represents a game changer for the insurance industry, while decrying the glaring disparity in the auto insurance industry. His vision is to develop a viable solution to end rising insurance premiums within our elderly population and provide a viable solution to prevent non-renewal of insurance and rising premiums within our wildlife interface. urban. Dr. Allen recently gave an interview to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce with Marisol Rubio, where he discussed in detail his plans if he is elected Insurance Commissioner. Oakland NAACP President George Holland also approached the candidate with his endorsement.

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During a recent visit to San Francisco, candidate Allen met Dr. Amos Brown, a historic leader known for many acts of bravery during the civil rights movement. Impressed by the admiration for him by the residents of California, he invited Dr. Allen to San Francisco to attend a special Sunday service on June 5, 2022 to speak to his congregation. Allen plans to meet with the San Francisco chapter of the NAACP and members of the Asian and Spanish communities to discuss bringing our communities together for a better California.

The candidate recently traveled to Sacramento, where he attended the State House Committee meeting and spoke with insurance political action committees and agents to discuss his plans once he is in office. Dr. Allen was interviewed on the Sac Town Talk podcast by Jarhett Blonien, where he discussed why he decided to run for California Insurance Commissioner. Candidate Allen has appeared on many local television, radio and podcasts, including Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee and The Cut.

Dr. Allen is the founder of Dusk to Dawn urgent care facilities, located throughout Southern California. For 20 years, Dr. Eugene Allen and his wife, Dr. Connie Yu Allen, have focused their commitment to the communities of Los Angeles. Dr. Allen, Dr. Yu, and his children have served the Los Angeles community with gifts of turkeys, toys, clothing, donations, and general care for all who need support. Dr. Allen is a friend, brother, and son to those who come into contact with the candidate.


campaign headquarters

Dr. Allen for California Insurance Commissioner
701 East 28th Street Suite 401
Long Beach, CA 90806
Phone: (310) 386-6404

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Election website:

Media Inquiries: Derrick Dzurko
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 231-6942

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