Carpet and paintings likely to increase in value

Q: My husband and I came to your store several years ago to inquire about some items my late mother left me, and they were extremely helpful. I have two more items that I have tried to get information on with any luck. The first is a rug by Luis Monteil (1914-98). My mother bought it in Venezuela in the late 1960s and then put it away and never used it. I learned that he is a famous Venezuelan artist with a shop in Mai Mali, Venezuela. That is all I have found out about it, but I would like to know the value of it since I am thinking of giving it to one of my children.

The second is five paintings by a Flemish artist named Kermorver. He painted many scenes of Paris and illustrated some children’s books. The images are all 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches and are scenes from Paris. The most unusual thing about these paintings is that they seem to be painted on a tin support. They were brought to my mother after WWII by a close friend. She also kept them, so they are in very good condition. I love these photos as they are so unusual and pretty. Thanks for your help. I’m looking forward to what you can discover. —MC, Internet

This painting is certainly Art Deco in style, and it has a nice look and color.

A: I appreciate the good photos. I am glad to know that you plan to pass your Luis Montiel rug on to the family. His mid-century and Op Art designs will become increasingly desirable in years to come. The one he has is probably selling in the $500 range currently, but much higher in the future if it ever sells.

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