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MILAN – Langosteria is bringing Caviar Kaspia to Milan and, in January, to St. Moritz, where the high-end Italian seafood restaurant will open its seventh unit.

“This is where you come if you want to eat caviar in Milan,” said Enrico Buonocore proudly, speaking at Langosteria Cucina, which on Wednesday night unveiled a new menu that includes the collaboration with Caviar Kaspia, a kind of pop-up that will run up to March.

“We met in Seville at the Dior [cruise 2023] show last June, and we started talking about how we see Caviar Kaspia and Langosteria more as lifestyle brands than restaurants,” Caviar Kaspia Group CEO Ramon Mac-Crohon said of his meeting with Buonocore. “It’s more about the whole experience than just the food. We make memories.”

“You may not remember the food, but you will remember how you felt, whether you felt comfortable, whether the service was top-notch, whether the music and lighting were just right,” Buonocore repeated. “Today there are so many restaurant options but not many touch all the senses, with those little details that don’t seem so important to others, but that make a difference”. That’s not to say that the food at Langosteria isn’t memorable, because it is.

Buonocore and Mac-Crohon share a pleasant and enthusiastic disposition, energy and passion for their craft. The first stressed that offering caviar is “a ritual”, and Mac-Crohon is the best person to teach how it should be done.

“Truffles and caviar are the two reasons a customer might fight with you, because they are exceptional and always seem to be overpriced if the restaurateur doesn’t have the heritage or history to present them,” said Buonocore, who has never served caviar. before. “I did not need a provider, they have offered it to me many times. I wanted to offer a unique experience and I can only do it with Caviar Kaspia because it is the number one in the world”.

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He noted that Mac-Crohon has its own sturgeon farm in Bulgaria with full control of the pipeline.

Buonocore opened its first lobster shop restaurant in 2007 and now has a Bistrot, a Café, a unit in Liguria, in Paraggi, located on the beach near the luxury resort town of Portofino at the renowned Bagni Fiore Beach Club, and one in Paris designed by architect Peter Marino, which opened last year on the seventh floor of the Hotel Cheval Blanc with views of the skyline of the French capital.

Caviar Kaspia, Langosteria Collaborate in Milan – WWD Langosteria Cucina ph Tommy Ilai

Lobster Kitchen

At Langosteria, Caviar Kaspia offers its baked potato and Langosteria tagliolini with crab with a choice of four types of caviar: Imperial Baeri; Oscietra Reserve; Gold Oscietra and Royal Beluga, as well as shots of Vodka Kaspia. The co-branding extends to various details, from the black and gold matryoshka dolls used to display the caviar, to the cutlery. “This is a marriage of edible luxury heaven,” said Mac-Crohon.

Buonocore sees this partnership as a way to test the reception of caviar in Milan for potential new projects.

Founded in 1927, Caviar Kaspia is a beloved Paris institution but has grown to encompass restaurants in Dubai, São Paulo, Los Angeles and New York, at the Mark Hotel and designed by Jacques Granges, with a London unit opening next week . Mayfair.

It’s a favorite among fashionistas in Paris, and Mac-Crohon pioneered collaborations with fashion figures, including giambattista valley, Carine RoitfeldOlympia Le-Tan and the off-white brand.

Langosteria is also a hotspot for the fashion industry and Cucina is on Milan’s Via Savona, close to the headquarters of Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Moncler and Zegna. Last summer, to celebrate the launch of its annual Dioriviera beach collection, Dior took over a part of Bagni Fiore in collaboration with Langosteria Paraggi.

Moncler Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini’s vehicle Archive Srl bought 40 percent of Langosteria Holding Srl in 2018. Archive is an independent company wholly controlled by Ruffini Partecipazioni Holding, which is controlled by Ruffini, forks Monclermain actor of