CBS News Abortion Reporter Kate Smith Moves to Planned Parenthood

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Kate Smith, the former CBS News reporter who covered abortion, sparked an outburst of bias in the liberal media on Monday by announcing that she has gone to work for Planned Parenthood.

“Delighted to join Planned Parenthood full time on this exciting new project. Much, much more to come. Stay tuned!” Ms. Smith tweeted.

She listed her new position as senior director of news content at Planned Parenthood for America, the nation’s largest abortion provider and a staunch opponent of restrictions on abortion access.

The ad drew congratulations from supporters along with criticism of the objectivity of his work product while covering the controversial social issue on CBS.

“I remember getting notes from various reporters upset with me saying that Kate Smith has been nothing but a propagandist for the abortion industry on CBS and now this,” tweeted conservative radio host Erick Erickson, a former RedState CEO.

Other pamphlets included “Congratulations on being more honest about who you’ve always been” and “What’s the difference between this and what you did at CBS?”

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Another account tweeted: “I’m pro-choice, always have been. But this is a revolving door pipeline. I cannot imagine why the faith and trust of the public in the media industry and journalism has hit rock bottom. This makes me really dizzy.”

In April 2020, National Review writer Alexandra DeSanctis damned Ms. Smith as “Planned Parenthood’s ambassador to CBS, posing as a reporter and crafting stories that more closely resemble press releases from the nation’s most powerful abortion-rights groups.”

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After leaving her job at CBS News in July, Ms. Smith tweeted that she could finally be “frank about my own views on reproductive rights.”

“Now that I’m not a reporter, I can be honest about my own views on reproductive rights. I will say this: with or without Roe v Wade, abortion access is disappearing in the South and Midwest for low-income women. And it’s happening more or less under the radar,” she said.

The Conservative Media Research Center answered to his departure declaring “Goodbye and good riddance!”

“The seemingly neutral journalist had previously described her activity on her Twitter profile as ‘covering abortion access,’ but based on her coverage, we all knew what that meant: she wanted MORE abortion access,” said Alexa Coombs, MRC staff writer NewsBusters.

Among those who applauded the move was Brandon Richards, director of communications for Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California.

“Many congratulations Kate!!!” she tweeted in all caps. “This is awesome and welcome to the PP team!”

Melanie Roussell Newman, Senior Vice President of Planned Parenthood, tweeted: “So excited by this news and so proud to welcome @byKateSmith to the @PPFA team!”

Ms. Smith had previously worked for Bloomberg News, Yahoo News, the Financial Times and the Sydney Morning Herald, according to her Muck Rack biography.