Celebrating Vivienne Westwood and reliving the top 5 moments of her career

After a six-decade career in fashion, iconic and legendary designer Vivienne Westwood has passed away at the age of 81. Celebrating Westwoodd’s life and times, we round up some of her notable contributions and relive the designer’s iconic career in fashion. industry and its evolution.

Mention of the pinnacle of fashion and the most innovative moments would not be complete without the legend who has bought style and fashion thus far, Vivienne Westwood. Unfortunately, the legendary British designer has passed away at the age of 81, leaving behind an iconic timeline of several offbeat moments in the fashion mainstream. Vivienne Westwood was no stranger to redefining style in ways one couldn’t have imagined, she literally changed the way we dressed. From the iconic Sex and The City wedding dress, nine-inch heels to the addition of corsets to our wardrobes, all of this combined just right explains Vivienne Westwood’s rebellious career. To celebrate Westwood’s contributions, let’s take a trip down memory lane and tear some iconic pages from her fashion bible, and relive some of her best work.

Top 5 Iconic Moments From The Vivienne Westwood Style Archives

The Sex and the City dress

Vivienne Westwood’s iconic timeline is incomplete without mention of her ‘Sex and The City’ moment. Sarah Jessica Parker looked stunning in Vivienne Westwood’s famous wedding dress for Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding in the movie. This insurance was one of the many highlights of her career.

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The famous Gillies heels

How can one miss the legendary Gillies nine inch heels? Modeled by Naomi Campbell at 1993 Paris Fashion Week, these heels are literally one of the moments that took Vivienne’s career to new heights.

Giving a nod to corsets

Millennials and Generation Z may be doing a great job donning corsets like divas, but this punk icon is the one to be credited for ushering in some of the most unconventional corset designs. From taking inspiration from 18th-century French paintings to playing with necklines, Vivienne Westwood is one of the reasons corsets became such a signature silhouette and continue to dominate our wardrobes.

Vivienne Westwood x Burberry

Well, this fusion of punk and heritage deserves a place in some of Vivienne’s iconic moments. Vivienne Westwood’s collaboration with the legendary British label, Burberry saw the designer looking all dressed up in the reimagined vintage Burberry check alongside Kate Moss.

The ‘no panties’ look

Vivienne Westwood’s visit to Buckingham Palace in 1992 was one of the most memorable and rebellious moments of her career, courtesy of her ‘no panties’ look. She received an OBE from the queen and looked absolutely stunning in what looked like a perfectly tailored outfit, but only until she turned around and stunned the paparazzi with a gutsy twist.

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