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We have gone beyond everything. The gothic grunge, the glitter revolution, the gregarious splash on hems and haws. What ushers in 2023 is the advent of technology-driven fashion that has been constantly cherished and protected in sustainable formats during the pandemic. New Year’s redefines style with a soft touch, setting the tone for an on-trend makeover that’s here to stay.

Check out tech-driven fashion with a soft touch: The New Indian Express Fashionluxury every day
Get dressed every day. Not just on a special day. Beyond the mega-brand labels comes personalized everyday luxury.

Says fashion designer Sakshi Astir of Swoon: “Cheap and cheerful fast fashion has been nudged aside for custom pieces. Adding longevity to your wardrobe brings a touch of elegance. Sometimes styling tips add a different dimension to your outfit, which translates to a quick makeover. Custom fashion is quickly achieving the ultimate cut, as people like to incorporate their own little quirks into the way they dress, something that the big brands and chains can’t replicate.”

The ensuing flow of emotions also sets the tone for the individual personality that is simply your signature.

“Every detail, be it the color or the embroidery of the outfit, counts. Each one has a personal touch, and using the choice of colors and embellishments makes the whole ensemble special,” adds Nikita Murarka Shah, co-founder of Bindani.

Sportswear major Nike brings its Nike by You line, inviting shoppers to collaborate on shoe designs for further customization under the motto “Let’s make something no one’s seen before.”

use technology

Bella Hadid’s spray dress celebrated 3D technology patented by Manel Torres of London’s Royal College of Art during the recent Paris Fashion Week, catapulting the growing phenomenon of melding technology with fashion.

The sharp cuts and variable textures of the fabrics used with the binder and spray create striking, surreal cuts that lead the way for next year’s fashion grammar. At home, fashion designer Rahul Mishra has converged digital sensibilities with fashion edge with innate flair in his previous Fourth Dimension collection, blending traditional handmade craftsmanship with 3D technology.

go green

Nature expresses its charm in the eco-friendly complexion of accessories for up-and-coming saviors of the planet. Vintage was championed as the new green during the pandemic. After organic colors and cotton, ethically sourced eri-silk and bamboo’s foray into layering designs, comes cactii leather.

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Designer Anjana Arjun has created Sarjaa as a tribute to the skin of cacti and fruits, including pineapple and apple.

“The fashion industry is the third largest polluter of our environment and I wanted to do my bit to stop that,” she says. Ayessha Gurung, co-founder of Junekeri Homes, has been busy bringing organic kala cotton (sheep’s wool) and colors from crushed roots of plants to the Northeast to create stunning home décor collections.

Check out tech-driven fashion with a soft touch: The New Indian Express Fashionaborn to shine

Set aside gold, silver and precious stones. Lab-grown diamonds and trinkets created from sustainable alternatives, like recycled metals from industrial scrap, are the way to go on the fashion circuit.

One carat of lab-grown diamond can save up to 109 gallons of water, 1.5 billion times the carbon emission per carat, and the excavation of up to 250 tons of soil.

Says Vaibhav Karnavat of House of Quadri: “Handcrafted stones are a growing form of self-expression for modern consumers and with the timely shift towards an eco-conscious fashion beat, sustainability and conscious luxury take center stage.”

Vivek Ramabahadran, the founder of Aulerth, brings gold-plated recycled metal to create artfully designed pieces with protective layers and anti-allergy coatings.

Trends to watch out for

Androgynous athleisure with flecks of vivid magenta: Pantone Color of the Year for 2023 pops up in dazzling bursts, from athletic straps to lace-ups to fresh gym clothes.

Tons of frills – layers galore, from camisoles to sarees to floor-length skirts. The liveliness of the ruffles adds that adorable swishing motion to your outfit.

Oversized Blazers – From baggy jeans to baggy fits to casual jackets and stylish oversized blazers. Ideal for slim frames and sharp collarbones.

Lace and laser cuts: clean and sexy, the small strands and delicate details add a touch of femininity to the outfits. Lace is back, and this time with laser cuts.

Gems Under the Bust: A quirky look for the midriff as a sparkling gem sets the mood as an agent provocateur for your evening ensemble. Jewel tones work best.

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