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Urban regeneration programs in key European cities such as London, Paris, Milan and Amsterdam are primarily designed with the aim of reducing traffic and encouraging residents to walk and cycle to their destinations.

London alone plans to add and increase the number of cycle lanes in the near future to better connect regenerating residential areas such as Wembley, Tottenham Hale, Isle of Dogs, Greenwich and Brentford with the city centre.

A host of bike and cycling gear manufacturers are booming due to growing demand, and electric bikes in particular have become a popular choice for commuters looking to strengthen their health while avoiding traffic.

There are plenty of options out there with prices as low as £499 for an Argos folding electric bike, which might work if you don’t mind a monstrously giant battery dangling between your legs, or the monstrous looking mountain trail-ready ones being sold at retail. for around £7,000 from Evans Cycles in London.

The average price of a decent electric bike is still relatively high, ranging from £1,500 to £3,000. The good news is that cities like Paris have introduced multiple incentives to make choosing an electric bike more affordable.

As part of the French capital’s cycling plan, some 180,000 additional bike parking spaces will be added, and by 2026, Parisian cyclists will get 180 kilometers of long-awaited, permanent bike lanes.

E-bike rental providers like Lime, Uber’s Jump and Tiers are also making effortless, sustainable riding more accessible to millions of people in major cities across Europe and beyond.

Presenter Jeremy Vine seen leaving BBC Radio Two studios on his new £2,700 Brompton electric bike.  The new bike allowed Jeremy to move faster between his two jobs at Channel 5 and the BBC Radio Two studio.

Presenter Jeremy Vine seen here leaving BBC Radio Two studios on his new 2,700 pound Brompton electric bike. The new bike allowed Jeremy to move faster between his two jobs at Channel 5 and the BBC Radio Two studio.

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Cycling may be on the rise, but sleek and stylish options for fashionistas are in short supply.

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Brompton is a popular choice. It can be packed in a small square and can be registered in a wardrobe at a party. There are also plenty of accessories to choose from: if you’re going home after the party with a giant goody bag, the front-attaching messenger bag will be perfect for storing all those things you could resell online later.

Powered by electricity, the Brompton electric bike overcomes one of the biggest flaws of its small-wheel nature: climbing hills has never been easier. (Anecdotally, I was once asked if I had ever competed in powerlifting, as years of riding a Brompton bike had given me very strong thighs.)

If you don’t want to pay the premium for the electric version, which costs almost twice as much as the normal one, you can join the waiting list on Swytch. This British upstart sells electric bike conversion kits that promise to turn standard Brompton bikes, as well as others, into electric bikes at a lower cost.

A VanMoof electric bike designed by Jacquemus

A VanMoof electric bike designed by Jacquemus.


Another contender is VanMoof. This Dutch electric bike manufacturer has designed some of the most stylish models available on the market.

VanMoof recently teased a unique all-black version of the S3 model for Paris Men’s Fashion Week with Berlin-based fashion label GmbH co-founders Benjamin Huseby and Serhat Isik.

Loved by celebrities like Evan Mock and Frank Ocean, VanMoof bikes come in a minimalist, futuristic design with the battery hidden inside the frame and the buttons nearly invisible. The company also launched one-of-a-kind bikes in connection with Stephane Ashpool’s Pigalle, Jacquemus and Highsnobiety, as well as content collaborations with Ganni to celebrate the opening of the Scandi brand store in Amsterdam.

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Jonathan Hum, director of marketing for VanMoof, says that the company, founded in 2009 by Taco and Ties Carlier, started with a mission to build the perfect city bike.

“Design has been the hallmark of the brand from the beginning and remains the key differentiator for us. We’re pretty unique in that we prioritize design, whereas maybe that hasn’t been a priority for many other brands up to this point in the space,” says Hum.

“It’s not just from a form standpoint, but also from a function standpoint, like these consumer-driven design features, whether it’s the shape of the frame itself or the integration of, like, a padlock on the frame so you don’t have to lug around a big, heavy padlock,” he says.

Vanmoof teamed up with Ganni on a bike-themed collaboration

VanMoof teamed up with Ganni on a bike-themed collaboration.


The A5 and S5 are the least VanMoof models to hit the market. Both are made in Taiwan.

“There is a very deliberate consumer-focused design strategy. It is not a men’s bike or a women’s bike. A5 is a bike that is apparently aimed at a slightly smaller rider, making it easier to bike up and down around town, while the other larger model S5 is a bit more of a cruiser with an emphasis on ride comfortably over longer distances. Hmm explains.

He believes the company’s emphasis on design is what has drawn “an enviable list” of fashion and design brands wanting to collaborate with VanMoof. “There’s a sense of acknowledgment that that’s important to us as it is to some of the other brands that you might not normally put us with, but there’s shared ground with design,” says Hum.

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Electric bikes, which typically result in less sweat, blaze a new trail for summer fashion possibilities. The layer set is a solid option for long-distance travelers. And both the Brompton and VanMoof A5 are ideal for those who attend summer parties along the Seine during the Fete de la Musique in maxi dresses, as the lower top tube design allows riders to get on and off the bike more easily.

Remember to complement your electric bike style with a helmet: safety cannot be compromised in the name of fashion.