City of Oakland | COMMUNICATION: Bas Unites Council to unanimously approve …

know about City of Oakland | COMMUNICATION: Bas Unites Council to unanimously approve …

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, June 30, 2022

Contact: Tiffany Kang, [email protected]

Oakland Council President Bas Unites City Council to Unanimously Approve a Balanced Budget That Invests in the Critical Needs of Oaklanders

OAKLAND, Calif. – On this day special meeting of the Oakland City Council, the Council unanimously adopted the FY 2022-2023 mid-term budget amendments proposed by Council Speaker Nikki Fortunato Bas and her budget team of Councilmembers Carroll Fife, Noel Gallo and Dan Kalb . His proposal reflects the advocacy and priorities of the eight Council members and thousands of Oakland residents and community organizations. The final vote was 7 yes and 1 Council member (Thao) excused himself.

Today’s budget builds on the two-year budget, adopted last year, by continuing to shift investments from Oakland to our Flatland communities disproportionately affected by historic disinvestment and COVID, and to expand our public safety infrastructure to include more violence prevention and alternative crisis response programs to address nonviolent issues and low-level crime, with the goal of allowing the Oakland Police Department to more effectively focus on responding to and solving serious and violent crimes.

Watch CP Bas budget note here and the Council Budget Team amendments to the mayor’s proposed mid-term budget here. The final approved amendments will be available shortly. Additional budget items will be discussed on July 11 at 1:30 pm

“This budget keeps Oakland focused on our core goals: housing people, providing economic opportunity, creating safer neighborhoods, cleaning our streets and parks, programming our libraries and recreation centers, and providing quality services from our valued city ​​workers,” council president Nikki said. Fortunate Bas.

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With this budget, which includes eight new Human Resources employees proposed by Mayor Schaaf, as well as funds for salary increases proposed by CP Bas, the Council hopes to fill hundreds of vacant positions to better serve Oaklanders.

Highlights of the Council’s budget include:

  • Additional $750,000 for legal services for low-income tenants, on top of $1 million already in the proposed budget

  • $1.1 million to fully fund the 66th Ave. secure RV parking site for the homeless community

  • $1.25 million for job readiness programs, targeted grants to improve the job readiness of Oakland residents affected by the war on drugs

  • $350,000 for a youth-focused planning process to develop a robust, full-service career technical education (CTE) center in Oakland for transition age youth (TAY)

  • Create a reserve fund for City workers to support COLA and new union contracts

  • Various grants to support homeless and violence prevention services.

  • $180,000 in matching funds for a potential state grant for Oakland’s gun buyback program

Deepening our investment in the well-being and safety of the AAPI community

CP Bas’s budget appropriations in District 2 address urgent public safety needs, small business support, park improvements, and community programming in Oakland’s larger AAPI communities of Little Saigon/Clinton and Chinatown.

At Little Saigon, we assign:

  • $110,500 to improve safety and small business support to address unprecedented levels of crime in Little Saigon, including reinstating $62,500 for a business improvement district (first allocated by CP Bas in the city ​​for FY 2019-21), establishing a temporary and longer-term OPD substation in the neighborhood, identifying Vietnamese-speaking officers to supplement the efforts of the OPD Asian Liaison Officer and increase access, security and programming in Clinton Park.

  • See CP Bas’ recent statement on actions to improve conditions in Little Saigon.

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In Chinatown, we assign:

  • $100,000 to upgrade the newly renamed Wilma Chan Park (formerly Madison Park), including the expansion of city-supported community programs and activities in the park.

  • $35,000 for a critical leaky roof repair at the Chinese Garden facility, operated by Family Bridges and providing child care and senior services to the community.


About Council President and Ward 2 Councilmember Nikki Fortunato Bas

Nikki Fortunato Bas is President of the Oakland City Council and represents District 2, one of the most diverse districts in the city. Since she took office in 2019, she has championed community-centered policies and budgets. She led the passage of the strongest COVID-19 eviction moratorium in the state of California and a COVID-19 grocery store worker hazard pay $5 wage bonus covering 2,000 grocery store workers. largest in Oakland. She created a fund for community land trusts to prevent displacement and create permanently affordable community-owned housing, introduced a progressive corporate tax that will be on the ballot in 2022, and led a task force to reimagine public safety in Oakland. She led a budget team that approved a biennial budget that invests millions in violence prevention and alternative crisis response. She is also a member of the National League of Cities’ inaugural Reimagining Public Safety Task Force. For two decades before being elected in 2018, Bas pushed for labor, environmental, gender and racial justice. Organized immigrant garment workers to recover their wages in Oakland and San Francisco’s Chinatowns, and worked in coalitions to increase Oakland’s minimum wage with paid sick leave, create living wage jobs in the Base of the Oakland Army and reduce pollution from diesel trucks at the Port of Oakland. Learn more at

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