College baseball’s top 150 MLB draft prospects, ranked by

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We’re halfway through the season and it’s time to update the 2022 draft prospect rankings. Preseason injuries to Reggie Crawford (UConn) and Peyton Pallette (Arkansas) had already diminished the potential star power of this draft class. Then Landon Sims (Mississippi State) underwent Tommy John surgery in March. There have been other injuries that have reduced the depth of potential Day Two selections, including Henry Williams (Duke), Adam Maier (Oregon), Dylan Ross (Georgia), Cole Stupp (Kentucky) and Will Frisch (Oregon State).

However, when the boys go down, others step up. In case you missed our Draft Risers, you can read all about those prospects with draft helium: rising gardeners, LHP on the rise and the upcoming Rising RHP.

This group is headlined by a strong group of college position players. That category comprises the top six in our rankings, led by Brooks Lee. Cal Poly’s hitting machine ranked directly behind Jacob Berry (LSU) by a slim margin at No. 2 on our preseason list, but has now been elevated to the top spot with a current .413/. 510/.730 batting average, seven home runs, 28 walks and just seven strikeouts. He is a former baseball player who endears himself to scouts with his makeup, passion and instincts for the game.

Moving up from No. 7 in our preseason rankings and now sitting at No. 2 is Arizona receiver Daniel Susac. It was a close decision with his fellow catcher Kevin Parada (Georgia Tech) narrowly trailing at No. 3, but we went with the guy we thought would stay behind the plate for the long haul. Both are raking at the plate. Susac sporting a .392/.444/.675 slash and .390/.476/.773 save with 15 home runs and 50 RBIs.

Rounding out our top five is Berry at No. 4 and Gavin Cross (Virginia Tech) at No. 5. Cross got off to a slower start, but has since rebounded to post strong numbers (.342/.425/.667). to continue. along with his five-tool potential and slugger Berry leads LSU with 10 home runs and a .367 batting average.

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Overall, LSU leads the way with two potential first-round picks and the SEC once again dominates the Top 150 with 36 prospects, including 12 of the top 25. The ACC ranks second with 23 and the Big 12 third with 21.

We’ve also included a rough estimate of where each player’s ranking would place them in the draft, based on past results. The 2022 draft is scheduled for July 17-19.

The prospect rankings are made up of David Seifert, Kendall Rogers, Aaron Fitt and Mike Rooney. Our rankings are not simply an industry survey. They involve countless in-person evaluations over the years combined with industry feedback.

(Editor’s note: This article was originally published on April 13)’s Top 150 MLB Prospects

*Indicates prospect is a freshman who is age-eligible for the 2022 MLB Draft

Range Player Position School
1 brooks lee H.H lime cop
two Daniel Susac* C. Arizona
3 Kevin Stop* C. georgia tech
4 Jacob’s Berry* OF LSU
5 gavin cross OF Virginia Tech
6 jace jung 2b Texas Tech
7 hunter boat LHP Florida
8 justin campbell RHP oklahoma state
9 Chase DeLauter OF james madison
10 jonathan cannon RHP Georgia
eleven Cade Doughty 2b LSU
12 jordan beck OF Tennessee
13 dylan beavers OF California
14 carson whisenhunt LHP east carolina
fifteen Connor Prielipp LHP Alabama
sixteen Zach Net H.H campbell
17 Cayden Wallace* 3B arkansas
18 reggie crawford LHP University of Connecticut
19 cam collier 3B Chipola JC, Florida.
2nd round
twenty Drew Gilbert OF Tennessee
twenty-one Thomas Harrington* RHP campbell
22 peyton palette RHP arkansas
23 landon sims RHP mississippi state
24 logan tanner C. mississippi state
25 jud fabian OF Florida
26 gabe hughes RHP gonzaga
27 bryce hubbart LHP florida state
28 Tidwell Sheet* RHP Tennessee
29 jacob watters RHP West Virginia
30 jacob melton OF Oregon State
31 Sterling Thompson* OF Florida
32 Cooper helps LHP Oregon State
33 robert moore 2b arkansas
3. 4 jordan sprinkle H.H UC Santa Barbara
35 marcus johnson RHP Duke
36 Trystan Vrieling RHP gonzaga
37 –Pete Hansen LHP Texas
38 luke gold 2b boston college
39 eric brown H.H coastal carolina
40 brock jones OF stanford
41 Riley Cornelius RHP TCU
42 trey dombroski LHP Monmouth
43 drew thorpe RHP lime cop
44 hunter cade C. Virginia Tech
3rd round
Four. Five jacob missiorowski RHP Crowder JC, Mo.
46 mack anglin RHP Clemson
47 parker messick LHP florida state
48 nate savino LHP Virginia
49 jake madden RHP Northwest Florida JC
fifty clark elliott OF Michigan
51 brandon sproat RHP Florida
52 benjoyce RHP Tennessee
53 Trevor Martin* RHP oklahoma state
54 ryan cermack OF illinois state
55 Tyler Woesner RHP central arizona
56 Silas Ardoin C. Texas
57 Brycen Mautz LHP San Diego
58 dominic keegan C. vanderbilt
59 William Kempner RHP gonzaga
60 Adam Mazur RHP Iowa
61 tyler locklear 3B VCU
62 joseph kasevich H.H Oregon
63 ryan ritter H.H Kentucky
64 young carter H.H vanderbilt
4th round
Sixty-five hayden dunhurst C. be a lady
66 Grayson Moore* RHP vanderbilt
67 hunter patteson LHP UCF
68 Trey Lip Comb 3B Tennessee
69 carson palmquist LHP miami
70 jace grady OF dallas baptist
71 jared mckenzie OF Baylor
72 Ivan Melendez 1 B Texas
73 Colby Thomas OF mercer
74 chaz martinez LHP Oklahoma
75 T.J. McCants* OF be a lady
76 Trey Faltine H.H Texas
77 jake bennett LHP Oklahoma
78 Colby Holcombe LHP Northeast Mississippi JC
79 Chris Stuart LHP San Jacinto JC, Texas.
80 Matte Wood C. state of pennsylvania
81 louis ramirez RHP Long Beach State
82 justin boyd OF Oregon State
83 Peyton Graham H.H Oklahoma
84 Brandon Birdsell RHP Texas Tech
85 schobel tanner H.H Virginia Tech
86 noah dean LHP old domain
87 Connor Staine RHP UCF
88 Three Gonzalez OF georgia tech
89 jimmy crooks C. Oklahoma
90 andres walters RHP miami
91 andres taylor RHP central michigan
5th round
92 David Sandlin RHP Oklahoma
93 adam maier RHP Oregon
94 Battles of Jalen H.H arkansas
95 Colby Holder* 2b Florida
96 jack brannigan RHP our lady
97 michael prosecky LHP louisville
98 chase step 3B Kentucky
99 nate ackenhausen LHP JC from Eastern Oklahoma State
100 Orion’s Dungeon RHP South Florida
101 tyler schweitzer LHP ball state
102 zach maxwell RHP georgia tech
103 David McCabe 1 B charlotte
104 george rivera RHP Walters JC Estate, Tennessee.
105 Draco Baldwin C. state of missouri
106 Troy Melton RHP san diego state
107 drew compton 3B georgia tech
108 Connor Noland RHP arkansas
109 spencer giesting LHP charlotte
110 Caleb McNeeley H.H Walters JC Estate, Tennessee.
111 Dom Johnson* OF kansas state
112 spencer jones OF vanderbilt
113 alan roden 1 B Creighton
114 spencer miles RHP Missouri
115 eric reyzelman RHP LSU
116 james camera 3B mississippi state
117 Sabin Ceballos 3B San Jacinto JC, Texas.
118 Colby Backus OF Walters JC Estate, Tennessee.
119 Marcelo Perez RHP TCU
120 ethan long OF arizona state
6th round
121 dalton running C. louisville
122 jared beck LHP saint leon
123 Magnus Ellerts RHP Southwest Florida JC
124 Nate Furman* 2b charlotte
125 Jake Berry* LHP Virginia
126 ben metzinger 3B louisville
127 brody jessee RHP gonzaga
128 chandler simpson H.H georgia tech
129 three richardson 2b Baylor
130 gabriel corners OF Florida Atlantic
131 kale davis RHP oklahoma state
132 braylen wimmer 2b South Carolina
133 chris mcelvain RHP vanderbilt
134 eric adler RHP wake of the forest
135 seth stephenson OF Tennessee
136 ryan mccoy 1 B Wabash Valley JC, Illinois.
137 anthony salon OF Oregon
138 Cole Kirschsieper LHP Illinois
139 Nathan’s Church OF University of California at Irvine
140 austin krobb LHP TCU
141 Chris Villaman LHP State of North Carolina
142 jose zamora 3B Snowfall
143 andy garriola OF old domain
144 austin knight H.H charlotte
145 Sean McLain 3B arizona state
146 Cole McConnell OF Louisiana Tech
147 nate peterson LHP Illinois-Chicago
148 garrett mcmillan RHP Alabama
149 Max Rajcic* RHP University of California at Los Angeles
150 joey walls OF UNLV
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