Colombian music and dance captivate Punjabis at Khalsa College for Women

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AMRITSAR: The dance troupe from Colombia wowed the audience with their captivating performances at Khalsa College for Women (KCW) during the 10th Amritsar International Folk Festival today. Magical glimpses of the musical fusion of Colombian and Punjabi folklore were witnessed as folk artists from the South American country and university students took to the stage to storm.

The audience greeted the rare and exciting performances with applause and praise. Organized by the Khalsa College Governing Council in collaboration with the Punjab Cultural Promotion Council (PCPC) and the Khalsa College Global Alumni Association (KCGAA), the festival aims to promote multiculturalism and cohesion of understanding between societies, organizers said.

Showcasing mesmerizing performances, the 13-member group ‘Puerta De Oro De Colombia’, dressed in their colorful traditional dresses, enthusiastically took to the stage and won hearts with their dances and melodious songs from their hometown. Aside from the music, their stage performance also touched my nerves.

Later they mingled with the students and performed Punjabi folklore together. Students from KCW and other Khalsa institutions also exhibited the Sikh martial art Gatka, Bhangra, Luddi and Gidda during the festival.

The main guest on the occasion, the honorary secretary of the Governing Council of Khalsa College, Rajinder Mohan Singh Chhina, who together with the director, Dr. Surinder Kaur, welcomed the invited artists and said that the festival was an opportunity for students from two different nations to come together. The event, he said, would go a long way in forging cooperation and friendship between different cultures.

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He said that the world is becoming one people and that the future belongs to the international understanding and brotherhood that are possible through such cultural exchanges. Dr. Surinder Kaur said that such intercultural festivals should be an integral part of students’ lives. He said that they were happy to host the tenth chapter of the international festival.

PCPC and KCGAA Director Dr. Davinder Singh Chhina said it was the 10th festival in the series and his Council promotes multiculturalism and cooperation through the exchange of artists. He said the Colombian group was headed by director Rosy and included Danny Joel Acosta Gomez, Airy M Ospino, Nictec N. Ponce, Alixs Schaefer, Arby Guevara-Munoz, Julio Camargo, William Javier, Lizeth Sarina Ricardo, Juan Manuel Aragón Castro. , Javier Alberto Bula García, Diana Carolina Castañeda Barragán, Milena Esther Tapia Pinto and José Manuel Nieto Quintero.

Writer Jasbir Singh Sarna, Sikh preacher Bhai Arjinder Singh Khalsa, Professor Ajaypal Singh Dhillon of KCGC TV, Dr. Satinder Kaur Dhillon, Sufi singer Sharuti Sahota and sports star Manveer Kaur received the Heritage Award for their contribution to the protection of Sikh history and culture. KCGC Joint Secretary Rajbir Singh, Member Gurmohinder Singh Sarbjit Singh, Directors Dr. Mehal Singh, Dr. Harpreet Kaur, Dr. Manju Bala, Dr. Kamaljit Kaur were present.