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After a nice little two-week break, we’re back with another community approach. With so much talk about Mara Sov witnessing Crow’s struggles with his own Nightmare in Season of the Haunted, this particular community spotlight comes at an interesting time. When I first saw this cosplayer’s Mara, my jaw dropped. From the beautiful craftsmanship of the costume itself to the incredibly expert makeup that gave her that coveted Awoken look, everything about her Destiny 2 cosplay journey has me engrossed. Hopefully, our community feels the same way!

Meet Adrienne Fiore, an American cosplayer who almost makes me feel bad for being mad at Mara and her cunning manipulations. Love her or hate her, she’s a boss, and Adrienne perfectly captured the essence of this character in a way we’re happy to share.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Adrianne, welcome! Super excited to chat with you and show our community some of your amazing projects. Before we start, tell us a little about yourself!

I’m Adrianne! I’m cool, but it would be better if she was playing Destiny right now! [laughs] I am a single mother with a nine year old son (who also loves the game!). I also work full time as a manager at Outback Steakhouse, so sometimes I can’t play as much as I’d like. I started playing with the first NES (shhh, I’m not old, I swear) and from there I was hooked. Over the years, I’ve owned every game console and played thousands of titles, but it wasn’t until Destiny 1 came out that I finally found a game I could stick with. Over the years I’ve made new friends and gotten current ones to play Destiny with me and it’s honestly been great, especially with how games like these evolve over time.

I agree! Live service games are great in many ways, especially for gamers who want to feel connected to a world without that world becoming stale. We connected through a post you made in your Mara Sov cosplay on a wonderful Facebook page called The Ladies of Destiny. Honestly, I was surprised at how accurate your expressions of Mara were. I have to ask, when did you start cosplaying and what made you get into it?

I actually cosplayed as Mara for the first time back in 2016 at MegaCon. I’ve cosplayed various other characters over the years, but I’ve always wanted to remake Mara and improve her as a way to test myself and see how my skills have evolved. Because of that, I have been slowly modifying the entire costume over the years. Although my first cosplay was not from games, it was Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones (we are not talking about the eighth season). One of my friends is very crafty, so she helped me get started, and since she’s a good friend, she’s almost always willing to help me with any new project she has in mind. I got into cosplay for a pretty simple reason: I like to look badass! [laughs]

Is there a dream cosplay that you would love to do one day, without limits? Asking for me because I can’t even sew to fix a button despite numerous efforts to learn, so this whole process is magical for me!

Honestly, my two dream cosplays would be Sephiroth from Final Fantasy and Mara Sov’s new outfit! Ever since she showed up in Destiny 1 and we had the Queen’s embassy, ​​I’ve been obsessed with all things Awoken and Mara Sov. In the first Destiny, I even had the full set of Queen gear and wore the cape throughout the game. No regrets. [laughs]

Hey, the dedication is admirable! Also, you mentioned ‘ol Sephi from Final Fantasy. That’s an instant win.

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Speaking of Destiny wins and goodness, inquiring minds want to know: Which subclass is your main attraction when you’re in the game? Are you a “my build must be perfect at all times” player or an “anything goes” type?

I’ve been a main hunter since day one (RIP Cayde), though lately I’ve really focused on a Stasis build. I know, I know, “stasis chasers, angry noise signals”, but it works. For weapons, my preferred loadouts are Gjallarhorn, Suros Regime, Wish Ender, and Telesto. I also have a weakness for Halloween extras. I’m still wearing the Sparrow witch’s broom from a couple of years ago. What can I say, I’m loyal.

I am always tormented by being surrounded by Hunter, the struggle is real. [laughs] Just kidding, I like that you like the class so much that you’ve experienced it evolve over the years, I think there’s something really special about that.

Because you’re a naturally creative person, I’m dying to know where you’d like to see Destiny 2’s story go from here.

I guess I would say this because of my cosplay, but I love the Awoken so much that I want more stories about them. The City of Dreams is my happy place, so anything related to that is awesome!

While I really miss Cayde-6 and wish there was some way to bring him back, I love Crow’s evolution and really enjoy seeing more of him. Really, I just want to see him experience some happiness. It’s not Uldren, he deserves a fresh start.

I feel like the City of Dreams and your desire to see Cayde return could have a lot of potential for theories. We’ve seen some savages from the community about him and the Awoken! I’m pretty guilty of that too, even though I work here. Want to swap game theories about what could be on the horizon?

It is not so much a far-fetched theory with respect to specific details, but I think it would be great to have a quest here or there where we can play as an NPC. Like Variks, or maybe even Exo Stranger. It would be nice to see different perspectives of this world, even just for short bursts through a side quest or something.

Dibs on being a server so you can roll around like a big ball all day and do nothing and still wreak havoc. Another favorite question I love to ask, especially to cosplayers because of how their minds see items and how they translate to the real world: If you could think of your dream subclass, what would it be? Anything goes, get weird if you want.

Hmm. I think if I could subclass it, it would be a do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of thing. A subclass where you could combine elements from all classes (within reason), so I can pick what I like about each and still make it my own. I mean, imagine having Blade Barrage and melee Stasis to freeze?! How cool would that be?

Also, it’s not related, but please give me a Mara Sov action figure to buy.

Subclass Mara Sov, got it! Due to your relationship with the convention scene, is there anything you would like to say to Destiny 2 and the player communities in general?

Just have fun. Do what makes you happy! I suffer a lot from the smallest things, like playing Destiny or investing in cosplay, but none of that has stopped me. It shouldn’t stop you either! Let people be happy and just be nice. Also, if you want to cosplay Destiny, or just cosplay in general. Do it! I don’t see it enough and would love to see more cosplayers playing Destiny 2 characters.

It’s a pleasure talking to you, thank you for taking the time to discuss your love for Mara and your dedication to Hunter. Honestly, she was wonderful! Before I let you go so you can dominate in some Sever action, is there anyone you’d like to say hello to? Don’t forget to tell people where they can find you to continue your cosplay journey!

I owe all my raiding and dungeoning experience to KobnarCan on Xbox! He always makes a place for me whenever I finally have time to play. It means everything to me.

For anyone interested, you can follow me on Instagram! I also post my non-Destiny cosplay, progress photos, and more!

And that is a summary of another community approach and another inspiring member of the community. It’s always a good time when we get a chance to sit down with other players and get inside their heads a bit to see the game world through their eyes. Adrienne was no exception, especially with her loyalty to her favorite characters. As a huge fan of Crow, I understand those feelings and I know some of you do too.

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You are all inspirations and I hope that even when times are tough, when everything gets a little dark, you remember that you matter. You are special, you are loved, and you are so incredibly appreciated. So don’t turn off that light, keep shining. We will be here to see you conquer the world.

“I should go,”

<3 hippy