Council to consider approving changes to Mitchell’s pet ordinances, allowing shock collars – Mitchell Republic

Pet owners could have a new set of rules to follow when handling their furry friends, as the Mitchell City Council will consider adopting changes to the animal ordinance across the board on Tuesday.

Among the most notable changes to the ordinance are allowing the use of remote collars unless the animal is in a public gathering with 10 or more people and how the city considers an animal to be under “total control.”

The proposed changes to the city’s pet ordinance would consider any pet with shock collars that strays more than 50 feet from its owner or caretaker to not be under full control. Additionally, any animal or pet that causes non-consensual contact with another person would be considered an unwanted action, under the amended ordinance.

In recognition of the Fourth of July holiday, the council will meet Tuesday at 6 pm at City Hall.

The city ordinance defines complete control as a “state in which an animal is restrained by a leash, verbal command, or remote pet collar from performing an action” that is not desired by the animal owner. or a member of the owner’s immediate family.

Councilman Dan Allen previously addressed his concerns about the city’s definition of an animal being under full control, noting that many dogs wander beyond the reach of their owner or handler while under control and well-behaved. Allen also questioned whether the city could guarantee that a pet is under complete control under the city’s proposed new definition.

Before the council considered proposed changes to the city’s pet ordinances, the use of shock collars was considered a gray area. After being called out by a Mitchell resident for wearing a shock collar while running his dog, Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson sought to clarify the city’s large animal ordinance, as well as recommending that remote collars be included in the ordinance.

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While the city’s existing ordinance regulating animals in general does not technically allow remote pet collars, Everson said Mitchell’s former public safety chief, Lyndon Overweg, told him before he retired a few years ago that the ordinance does not applies if a pet has a collar because it is considered a leash.

The following items will be considered as part of the consent agenda:

  • Approve the minutes and reports of the following meetings: June 21 City Council meeting; June 27 special meeting; June 13 Meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission.
  • Approve an automatic $6,616 General Fund supplement to a grant for the Mitchell Fire Division.
  • Approve the following raffle permit: Mitchell Ducks Unlimited with the drawing to be held on October 6th.
  • Approve the special event request for the Palace City Pre-Sturgis Party on August 4 in downtown Mitchell, which stretches from First to Seventh avenues along Main Street.
  • Approve the appointment of Whitney Kroupa to the Community Services Advisory Board for a term from July 2022 to June 2025.
  • Approve the appointment of the following council members to the respective boards and committees: Chamber of Commerce (Liaison) – Steve Rice; Community Services Board (Link) – John Doescher; Corn Palace Events & Advisory Board (Voting Member) – Jeff Smith; Golf and Cemetery Board (Ex Officio) – Dan Sabers; Housing and Redevelopment Commission Board (Link) – John Doescher; Library Board of Directors (Link) – Steve Rice; Mitchell Area Development Corporation Board (link) – Jeff Smith; Mitchell Main Street & Beyond Board (Link) – Susan Tjarks; Parks and Recreation Board (link) – Marty Barington; Planning Commission (Ex Officio) – John Doescher; Sports and Events Authority Board (voting member) – Kevin McCardle.
  • Approve change orders to Maguire Iron and H&W Contracting for the West Side Water Tower project.
  • Approve Change Order to upgrade Grade Concrete for Concrete Project No. 2021-4, Schedule A.
  • Approve gasoline and fuel quotes.
  • Approve payment estimates by July 5.
  • Approve invoices, payroll, salary adjustments, employee registrations, authorization of recurring payments and other expenses.
  • Recite the Pledge of Allegiance and receive the invocation of the United Church of Christ.
  • Please consider reappointing the following department heads for the City of Mitchell: Michelle Bathke-Finance Officer; Principal Doug Greenway-Corn Palace; Justin Johnson-City Attorney; Elizabeth Kitchens-Director of Human Resources; Mike Koster-Chief of Police; Marius Laursen-Fire Chief/EMS; Kevin Nelson-Director of Parks and Recreation; Jessica Pickett-Director of Community Services; Joe Schroeder-Director of Public Works.
  • Consider electing president and vice president of the city council.
  • Listen to the opinion of the citizens.
  • Meet as a Board of Adjustment.
  • Set the date for the following hearing: July 18, for Vander Hamm Motorsports’ application for a conditional use permit to operate an Automobile Repair Services facility; located at 2951 S. Rowley St., legally described as Iverson’s Addition Lot 11 in the southeast ward of Section 33, Township 103 North, Range 60 West of the Fifth Prime Meridian, in Davison County. The property is zoned as a UD Urban Development District.
  • Reassemble as a town hall.
  • Hold a hearing on an application to transfer Retail Liquor License (For Sale) RL-19079 from Anisa Deinert, doing business as Jade’s, located at 107 N. Main St., to Anisa Deinert, doing business as Jade’s, located at 107 North Main Street, Mitchell due to license reconfiguration.
  • Consider approving the transfer of the vacant lot at the corner of 15th Avenue and Minnesota Street. The city has received and has been negotiating a $30,000 offer for the lot from Mitchell resident Cory Marek. The city recently put the property up for sale after nearby residents balked at plans to transfer the lot to the Mitchell Area Development Corporation for a new Mitchell-based nonprofit housing organization to build a home for the workforce.
  • Approve plans for lots 1 and 2 of the third addition of CJM Consulting.
  • Approve Resolution No. R2022-41, annexation of the 13 feet South of the 450 feet South of Lot 2, excluding the 375 feet South of Mitchell Township.
  • Approve Resolution No. R2022-42, Annexation of Lot K of the Kippes Subdivision in the East Half of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 9, Township 103 North, Range 60, West of the Fifth Prime Meridian, in the County of Davison, South Dakota and Lot A of the FF Kippes First Addition, a subdivision of the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section Nine, Township 103 North, Range 60, West of the Fifth Prime Meridian, in Davison County.
  • Second reading of Ordinance No. O2022-11, which revises the provisions of Chapter 4-2: Control of Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Receive an update on bridge inspections with Brosz Engineering.
  • Consider going into executive session, roof staff business.
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