‘COVID is here to stay for a while, but we can’t let it rule our lives’: 50 2022 pandemic quotes

Released in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature of YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles from the past week. This special compilation series focuses on the fight against COVID-19 in India.. Please share these quotes and excerpts with your networks and check back in the original articles for more information.

It’s time to be on your guard again, COVID-19 is back in the news. What have we learned from the last two years of the pandemic and how can we prepare for the upcoming developments?

Every monday, Your history has been capturing quotes about the impacts of the pandemic and responses from our weekly coverage. This compilation started just since India went into nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 24, 2020.

Citations in this 2022 compilation cover the impact of the pandemic, health responses, digital transformation, organizational leadership, skills, and recovery. View our highlights of past annual listings for 2020 Y 2021; collection of quotes about crisis management; Y pivot and persist resilience stories section.

Your history thanks the healthcare community and frontline workers for all their sacrifices to ensure public safety and well-being, as well as all those who are reinventing their organizations for a successful future and a better world. We wish all business owners and our readers a happy (and safe) holiday season and a happy new year ahead!


Make a balance

COVID-19 made us realize what our mortality is: that this is a life, we have to live and for that, we must take care of ourselves. – Radhika GhaiKindlife

The pandemic has reminded us how interdependent we are: what happens to one person can soon affect many others, even on the other side of our planet. – Swathi PN, Yuva Team Artist Collective

The pandemic made every human being humble in front of nature and made us rethink life’s priorities. – Nagaraja Prakasam

Financial planning is no longer a luxury but a necessity, that is one of the greatest lessons from the Covid pandemic. – Vinay Bansal, turning point companies

Covid is here to stay for a while, but we can’t let it rule our lives. – Namita Thapar, Emcure Pharmaceutical

Uncertainties are likely to continue with new waves of COVID-19 and businesses experiencing sudden changes in the opening and closing of economies. – Suhail Sameer, BharatPe

The pandemic brought with it the stress of job uncertainty, existential angst related to the meaning of life and work, working from home, and the stress of poor health. – Nelson Vinod Moses, Indian Foundation for Suicide Prevention

COVID-19 has been a huge wake-up call that has come at a high cost. It has also made us all look back at what we were doing. – Ram Shroff, Charak Pharma


Health care

The pandemic came as a wake-up call for many as far as health is concerned. And in just over two years since then, general understanding and perceptions of well-being have evolved significantly. – Karan Singh, ACG

The pandemic had made us all take a step back and put self-care and well-being at the center of our being. – Radhika Ghai, kind life

The pandemic helped people realize the importance of inclusive health. Now more than ever, people are focusing on holistic wellness with healthy nutrition playing an integral role in physical and mental wellbeing. – Aarti Gill, Oziva

Society has developed a healthy appreciation and understanding of authenticity and conscientiousness. – Ajay Jain, Tata Motors

Companies now see health care benefits as an investment rather than a cost to the organization, which has helped many employees return to offices from their hometowns. – Yogesh Agarwal, Onsurity

Post-COVID-19 consumer preference for healthy snacks has risen sharply and there is a momentous white space in the category. – Lovkesh Kapoor, Ananta Capital

He definitely looks rosy on the outside now, but it has taken a toll on my mental health, especially during the pandemic. Many companies struggled with Covid-19. – Ritu Oberoi, For Saris

COVID-19 has negatively impacted the already distressed early education sector. – Pranay Adhvaryu, capital of gray matter

Nearly 75 million people have been pushed into poverty during the pandemic, so Covid-19 has presented the corporate world with an opportunity to redefine the way they view social causes and broaden the scope of CSR. – Jayant Rastogi, Magic Bus India Foundation


Answers and recovery

I think the first responders during the pandemic were ordinary citizens and civil society: neighbors helping neighbors. Kindness to strangers was at its peak all over the world. – Rohini Nilekani, ‘Samaaj, Sarkaar, Bazaar’

Being trapped in the house led to an internal exploration. That further led to dabbling in different styles and mediums of art. – Jyoti C Singh Deo

The pandemic was a period of developing new skills. – Bharathi Senthilvelan, Reminiscences

The pandemic caused many restarts, particularly with job losses and loss of life. However, creativity was alive like never before through various forms and expressions. – Somak Mitra, Art Exhibition Gallery

Do not give up, invest this time in generating value for you and the consumer. Get ready for things to open up. – Aditi Madan, BluePine Foods


Businesses and workplaces

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of flexible workspaces around the world. – Meghna Agarwal, IndiQube

In the post-Covid world, access to expertise has been democratized across organizational and geographic boundaries. – Anjan Lahiri, Navikenz

The pandemic has shown that remote work is viable, and I think that will help attract more women into the tech industry, where in many roles remote work is feasible. – Sarita Digumarti, UNext

The pandemic has acted as a catalyst in rebuilding employer-employee relations. Today’s employees are looking for more flexibility when it comes to work hours and work location, among other things. – Senthil Kumar Muthamizhan, CultureMonkey

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work and the way we hire. – Sekhar Garisa, foundit.in

From women entrepreneurs to couples starting from their kitchens, the post-pandemic acceleration in the business ecosystem is remarkable. – Bhavik Vasa, GetVantage

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in the gig economy, which includes freelance or part-time jobs instead of permanent full-time contracts. – Anshuman Das, Careernet

It is not only the demand for talent, the road to recovery and growth has also meant a change in the employment model. – Sunil C, TeamLease


Digital transformation and agility

Today we have a war in Ukraine, we are facing two years of pandemic and inflation is skyrocketing. As an entrepreneur, you need to be flexible enough to change plans. – Prem Watsa, digit insurance

The pandemic was the watershed moment for India’s startup ecosystem. The digitization rate accelerated at a massive rate and jumped by at least a few years. – Ujwal Kalra, ‘Starting Compass’

We have seen a massive shift in mindset and adoption. [of digital ways of working]. – Komal Prajapati, best place

The digitization of services, while growing before the pandemic, saw a drastic increase in application across all industries during the nationwide lockdowns. – Divya Batra, Haldiram snacks

Technology has come to reshape the entire healthcare ecosystem. The pandemic has particularly catalyzed this comprehensive and lasting change. – Nitendra Sesodia, Thieme

The pandemic has pushed us towards a cashless economy, and although children’s pocket money and digital payments are in their infancy in India right now, there is great potential. – Rajiv Dadlani, Rajiv Dadlani Group

Both before and after the pandemic, HR Tech has been a key enabler in helping businesses adjust to the “new normal.” – Girish Rowjee, greytHR

The behavior change during the pandemic is the adoption of technology by teachers. – Pradeep Pillai, OrangeSlates

E-commerce has received a significant push to go digital since the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, disrupting the way consumers purchase products and services. – Zaki HasanAfivo

During the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce has been a boon to many, allowing people to shop from the comfort and safety of their homes. – Prerna Goel, WhizCo

There has been a huge shift from offline to online channels, as well as a major shift in sources of entertainment for consumers. – Akshay Modi, Modi Naturals

The COVID-19 crisis has also opened up deep tech opportunities in India by removing regulatory barriers in record time. – Bala Srinivasa and TN Hari, ‘Winning Media India’

The last two years have been like sitting inside a time machine. The kind of change and accelerated adoption of digital that we might have seen on a 5 to 10 year horizon is what has actually been seen in the last two years. – Shashank Mehta, RazorpayX


the road ahead

There are so many revenge trips and people want to live in quaint homestays, and the Northeastern states are very much on the travelers map. – Jaydeep Bose, SayRooms

The pent-up demand due to the pandemic has been strongly driving holiday consumption and credit demand, by extension. – Naveen Malpani, Grant Thornton Bharat

There is a huge pent-up demand after the pandemic. In terms of customer optimism, it is visible in sales of commercial vehicles or personal vehicles. – Rajeev Yadav, Fincare Small Finance Bank

COVID was a rehearsal for the kind of world we are entering, which will be more dynamic and complex than anything we have seen before. This world requires agility. – Puneet Chandok, AWS

You will have many situations where the chips are down, such as the COVID pandemic. It is your passion that will see you through these difficult times. – Sushanto Mitra, Lead Angels

The paranoia around COVID-19 is finally wearing off and people are imagining a healthy time in the near future. This has also led to companies getting back into shape, especially in real estate. – Sunny Garg, Crib

The past two pandemic-induced years have had their streak. The upcoming fiscal year promises to be an uninterrupted runaway time for the Indian economy. – Rohit Kapoor, INSEA

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