Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton is modernizing the personal care experience through her brand, Chillhouse

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Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton wants to modernize self-care practices both inside and outside of the home with your brand, chill house-a spa complete with a nail salon and cafeteria, with its own wellness line to boot. The spa opened its first location in 2017 in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City and has since expanded to Paris.

As a first-generation Colombian-American whose mother was a beautician who went from having a single chair to a living room to growing his business to three spas at any given time, Ramírez-Fulton’s goal with Chillhouse (@chillhouse) was to make wellness accessible to a community of people that hadn’t been served in the industry before. “I watched [my mother] grow their businesses, but I felt that something was always missing for me and for my generation”, explains the founder. “I looked for the change. This industry that I knew and grew up in, [I wanted to] make it fun, accessible, light and really for today’s consumer.”

Chillhouse is an affordable and attainable spa destination and a one stop shop for manicure and pedicure, massage and facial services. The spa also has an infrared heat room and a wellness cafe serving coffees, matchas, and lattes.

But it does not stop there. The brand also offers in-home grooming treatments, including their On the Mend kit, which is an “instant mani makeover” that comes with a crystal nail file and nail repair serum to help restore and repair manicured nails on the go .

While Chillhouse offers some standard spa treatments, what sets the brand apart is its affordability, accessibility and the community you intend to support. In fact, early on, Chillhouse was getting calls from big brands like Nike and H&M who wanted to partner with the spa because it represented a whole new demographic of people who could engage in wellness and self care.

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“We were finally talking to a whole new community of people who can really access services in an industry that notoriously only caters to the wealthy,” shares Ramirez-Fulton. “The fact that I am latinos, I simply represent a completely different individual than the wellness industry has ever seen before. I think [that] It really helped open our doors and make us attractive to a much larger community than the wellness industry has ever seen before.”

And it is this community that Ramirez-Fulton wants to continue to show up to. “We really want to be inclusive and think about where our products can reach people who may not have access to luxury spas”, explains the founder. “How do we make sure they feel like they can still have that chill moment?”

Beyond its products and services, Chillhouse helps create a less stressful world through its mental health advocacy. the launched brand 1% for a colder worldwhich causes Chillhouse to commit one percent of revenue to support mental health organizations.

Chillhouse may have hit the nail on the head by providing a modernized and attainable spa experience for a group of people who might not otherwise have had access to luxury spaces and treatments, but Ramirez-Fulton admits she has her sights set on becoming into a lifestyle brand. “I don’t want to stop at self-care or beauty or wellness. I want to be a lifestyle brand that really sparks a sense of well-being and self-care and doing good for yourself,” she explains. “But I think for now, we want to focus on how we are present for you at home when we can’t be there for you in person.”

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