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know about Darden College’s Brett Cook-Snell Named John R. Broderick Diversity Champion of Champions « News @ODU

By Joe Garvey

Brett Cook-Snell, professor of STEM education and professional studies at Darden College of Education and Professional Studies, was named the 2022 John R. Broderick Champion of Diversity Champions. He received the honor at the annual Diversity Champions Awards Luncheon. the Diversity of Old Dominion University, which was held on April 20 in the Big Blue Room at the Ted Constant Convocation Center.

Cook-Snell was one of 17 Diversity Champions honored at the event, organized by the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity. More than 70 nominations, a record, were submitted for the recognition, which is designed to honor and celebrate individuals who foster and promote the principles of equity and diversity to further the positive impact that diversity has on the university community.

“Today we are recognizing people who distinguish themselves as giants of diversity: they are instrumental in centering the experiences of those most affected, choosing curiosity over judgement, and modeling authenticity and vulnerability,” said Veleka Gatling, acting assistant vice president of equity and diversity in the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity. “They hold key leadership positions in programs across campus and in their communities. They serve as mentors, innovators, problem solvers, thought leaders, and true champions of diversity. These are the kinds of legacies that not only enrich the community of our campus, but have a broad impact that will span generations.

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Cook-Snell earned his Ph.D. in instructional design and technology from ODU in 2015 and she joined the faculty at Darden College the same year.

Cook-Snell “promotes diversity, multicultural awareness, racial justice and human rights through education and leadership,” said September Sanderlin, vice president of human resources. “With research interests in anti-racist technology and educational design, our Diversity Champion of Champions is always striving to increase their own ability and thereby move us closer to an intentionally equitable campus.”

Among Cook-Snell’s contributions:

  • Since 2010, Cook-Snell has served as an ally for Safe Space, a program designed to reduce homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism in the ODU community, and has been invited as a speaker to discuss issues related to the LGBTQIA+ community by the Office Institutional Equity. and Diversity.
  • As a member of Darden College’s Anti-Racist Leadership Learning Initiative for Equity and Deconstruction of Racism and Oppression (TeamALLIED), Cook-Snell has been an advocate for diversity, inclusion and equity through service as president. of the search subcommittee that develops university guidelines. for teaching and administrative staff positions.
  • He founded a scholarship program designed for marginalized, underrepresented, and underserved populations.
  • His efforts to promote equity and inclusion are reflected in a blog that provides resources on a host of topics related to anti-racism and social justice.
  • Cook-Snell is working on several publications on revolutionary anti-racist design strategies with Diversity Champion Kala Burrell-Craft and is pursuing an additional Master of Arts to strengthen her knowledge of critical race theory, queer studies, Africans and other areas of social justice. action and advocacy work.
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Other 2022 Diversity Champions included:

  • Jenna Ashley, educational technology specialist at the Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Sierrah Chavis, educator and graduate of Darden College.
  • Natalie Edirmanasinghe, assistant professor in counseling and human services.
  • J. Christopher Fleming, assistant vice president of enrollment and executive director of admissions.
  • Andrew Garber, coordinator of LGBTQIA+ programs and services.
  • Giovanna Genard, assistant vice president of public relations at University Communications.
  • Tyler Miller-Gordon, senior research associate in evaluation and institutional effectiveness.
  • Gabriela Igloria, junior creative writing student at the Faculty of Arts and Letters.
  • Mariah Johnson, a graduate student studying lifespan and digital communication.
  • Mason Kennedy, graphic design college student.
  • Adreishka Luciano, criminal justice graduate student.
  • Tracie Ortiz, instructional designer at the Center for Learning and Teaching.
  • Jay O’Toole, assistant professor at Strome College of Business.
  • Chanel Rodríguez, graduate student in speech and language pathology.
  • Chrystal Trapani, educational technology specialist at the Center for Learning and Teaching.
  • Kala Burrell-Craft, director of faculty residencies at Darden College.

The Champion of Diversity Award has been presented at ODU since the 1990s and was renamed in 2014 in honor of former President Broderick, one of its first recipients.

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