Democrats Failed Black Community, Facing Disaster

know about Democrats Failed Black Community, Facing Disaster

President Joe Biden and the Democrats have reason to be concerned about the black vote in the upcoming November election. It is not surprising that a recent report shows that the Big Top Party is losing support among Blacks ahead of the midterms because the administration has not been aggressive enough to champion issues crucial to the Black community.

Biden got off on the wrong foot with the black community when he tried to scold civil rights leaders during a virtual meeting on criminal justice reform after winning the White House. It was demeaning and embarrassing to see the president speak to the leaders of civil rights organizations as if they were children in a classroom receiving a stern scolding from a teacher they should be thankful for.

That encounter between Biden and the civil rights community was a major red flag. He indicated that Biden would not move the arc of the moral universe toward justice unless pressed hard, and that Democrats would only cash a check from the bench of justice if they were publicly and relentlessly shamed into doing so.

The Biden administration has made very slow progress on black issues. That’s the observation of many black people, hence the trepidation about fully embracing Democratic candidates this year across the country.

Because Republicans have never made any serious effort to address issues of racial equity and justice in the black community, some powerful white liberal politicians use that to win over black support. After all, they hope black people have nowhere to go.

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That is unacceptable.

Take, for example, last week’s Congressional tour of Benton Harbor led by Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib regarding the water crisis there. When I got a media tip about the tour, I chuckled because it was so blatantly opportunistic and insincere in a midterm year. Tlaib, who is being challenged by Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey for re-election, did not headline a tour there last year as Benton Harbor’s black community was reeling from the crisis.

She didn’t need a conference tour to visit that city.

I couldn’t forget the anguish I saw on the faces of Black families I interviewed there last year when I hosted a two-hour public broadcast to bring the issue to the attention of the Democratic Party. If a Republican administration had done what is happening in Benton Harbor right now, my cell phone would explode every day and every liberal activist in town would ask me to highlight the issue.