DESERI, a black women-owned handbag brand, launches with a

DALLAS, Nov. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Born from a lifelong love of fashion, Black woman-owned DESERI was created to introduce the luxury handbag lifestyle that many deserve to a Reasonable price. Globally inspired, DESERI is ready to take the world by storm with a premium line of signature bags that are timelessly stylish and undeniably current. From business boardrooms to fun weekends, every DESERI bag is designed to make women feel their best, because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, anything is possible.


Close experience of the fashion scene during the four years Deseri Kelley lived in Barcelona, ​​Spain and Paris, France educated her on the design decisions behind every piece the brand produces. Handmade in Spain from carefully selected local and Italian hides, the superior aesthetic of European fabrics underpins the line’s inspiration, offering a level of quality that is immediately noticeable. Established with a distinctive personal style, a global standard of design and production informs every piece DESERI brings to market.


Every DESERI bag is designed with a triple whammy in mind: unrivaled versatility, unapologetic confidence, and unmistakable style. The Paris in Pink brings a pop of color to the bold and vibrant dresser, while DESERI’s signature structured silhouette offers a timeless look with just the right edge to fill wearers with unwavering confidence. With attention to detail and an unmatched commitment to quality, DESERI bags offer interchangeable straps, eye-catching color options, and meticulous craftsmanship for security and style. In this way, the pioneering line is created to recover and elevate the myriad of spaces occupied by the modern woman.

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Deseri’s vision is to make premium design and the confidence that comes with it accessible to all women. As an entrepreneur with a global perspective, Deseri’s ambitions for the brand extend to conveying a message of hope, possibility and connection. From the women who wear the brand to the artisans who help bring its ambitious vision to life, connection is at the core of DESERI.


Deseri Kelley is the founder of DESERI, a woman focused on realizing her lifelong aspiration of building a business. With DESERI, she has combined hard-earned professional acumen with a deep appreciation for fashion to found the luxury brand DESERI.

While residing in Barcelona, ​​Spain and Paris, France over a period of four years, Deseri’s passion for luxury goods developed. With industry-leading accessories and world-class materials at his fingertips, he gained a microscopic view of what sets luxury products apart. As a dedicated teacher, mother, and wife, she was driven to bring the benefits of premium fashion accessories to all women. Determined to reinvent the bag as a work of art and a trusted instrument, DESERI was created to empower luxury bag shoppers and celebrate her individuality. Deseri has built a business marked with the relentless passion and expert foresight of a true trendsetter.

Her signature touch permeates every item in her collection, resulting in a brand that is the essence of its founder. Personally sourcing Spanish and Italian leather and ensuring subtle visibility of her brand carefully etched into each bag, Deseri works closely with European artisans to ensure no detail goes unnoticed. DESERI is an example for everyone to dare to dream big and refuse to give up on their ambitions. Driven by passion, informed by personal experience, and motivated to deliver the experience of handcrafted luxury, bags are surely just the beginning for DESERI. Years after her initial vision, with DESERI, Deseri Kelley has produced a thriving brand that embodies her own effervescence and her genuine passion for fashion, translating into an accessible luxury brand that inspires connection in all. the world and it is for everyone.

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