Digital insurer Edelweiss General Insurance launches Tech 101, a digital upgrade program for all employees

Mumbai, India, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Edelweiss General Insurance (EGI), a new age InsurTech, introduced Tech 101, a comprehensive technology training program for all of its employees. Tech 101 is part of EGI’s people strategy to create a digital-first culture and improve the digital quotient of its workforce. Part of the EGI learning and development framework, this 20-week training program has a personalized curriculum that aims to achieve a triple objective of:

  1. Familiarize employees (especially those without a tech background) with the tech landscape so they can engage in tech discussions.
  2. Develop an understanding of how business applications are conceived, built, deployed, and scaled
  3. Develop curiosity among employees so that they want to learn more about technology, as they represent a technology organization and an industry that is accelerating its technology adoption.

All Tech 101 modules are based on case studies to simplify the learning process and make it more fun and engaging for all employees. The program covers all key aspects of technology such as digital architecture, data mining and analytics, data privacy and security, APIs, software development, artificial intelligence and machine learning, technology trends, etc. Every Friday, the entire organization comes together for exciting, live learning. sessions full of quizzes, use cases, etc.

Speaking of the program, Melvin GladstoneDirector of Human Resources, Edelweiss General Insurancesaid, “As a digital-first organization, it’s imperative that our workforce is also digitally competent. We have a fantastic talent pool. Through Tech 101, we want to enhance their capabilities and ensure that each of our employees is digitally strong.” The vision is to have a digitally transformed workplace, which will help drive productivity, which will lead to better business results.”

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As a new age InsurTech company, EGI’s vision is to make insurance easy, friendly and transparent. Tech 101 is another logical step and direction to achieve this vision. An organization that thinks digital, speaks digital!

About Edelweiss General Insurance

Edelweiss General Insurance (EGI) is a full stack Insurtech and one of the fastest growing players in the Indian non-life insurance market. It is a digital insurer that aims to transform insurance by making it easy, friendly and transparent. Its digital platform drives a great customer experience, innovative solutions and efficient service delivery. It started operations in 2018 and has already won more than 10 awards for product innovation and its digital platform. Is from india first cloud-native insurer and the first insurer to launch an open API platform. It has more than 2 million active customers and a growing omnichannel distribution on digital rails. It has more than 19 digital partners and a presence in key digital marketing locations.

Consumer insight-driven strategy coupled with technology-driven execution is what sets EGI apart in a competitive marketplace. Its goal is to deliver innovative solutions to clients by leveraging data, analytics, and proactive market sensing.


SOURCE Edelweiss General Insurance