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Risk management solutions provider has an innovative track record

Digital Matrix Systems, Inc. (DMS), a leading provider of risk management solutions, announced its 40the anniversary as a provider of data-driven solutions for major financial institutions and insurance companies.

Since its creation in 1982 by the founder and CEO David McGough, DMS has gone from providing access to data to helping leading companies access the power of that data through advanced analytics. In the company’s formative years, the credit industry began a shift toward automated credit reporting. DMS was recognized as the first provider to provide access to all five credit bureaus from a common desktop platform. Another early innovation was leading the shift from terminal-based access to credit bureaus to PC-based access.

In the last 40 years, Digital matrix systems has introduced numerous solutions that help companies manage risk and improve the efficiency of their operations. The DMS suite of solutions provides extensive support for critical business activities, including loan origination, risk management, marketing, fraud mitigation, collections, and consumer dispute resolution. The company works collaboratively with its clients and currently has the honor of supporting a client list of over 500 companies.

In recent years, company highlights include a corporate headquarters move a Flat, Texasthe launch of the next generation of Summary of DMS® attributesthe launch of DMS TestLab®and improvements to CreditBrowser® platform. Aaron Trentacostawho previously served as vice president of operations, was named executive vice president in June.

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“I am proud of what our team has accomplished and DMS’s continued innovation on behalf of our customers,” he said. David McGoughpresident and CEO of Digital matrix systems. “I want to thank our customers for the trust they place in us and our employees for their commitment and dedication to delivering exceptional quality to our customers every day.”

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On Digital Matrix Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1982, DMS is a global provider of risk management solutions that help clients harness the power of data to make better-informed business decisions. Through a suite of integrated products, DMS provides secure access to consumer and commercial credit bureaus, as well as specialized data providers. As a trusted partner, DMS helps leading companies predict and manage risk in a variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, and brokerage services. The company provides comprehensive data warehousing, advanced analytics, scoring models and consulting services, delivering strategic solutions tailored to each client’s business objectives. For more information visit

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