Disney’s Famous Dalmatians Get a Givenchy Makeover in New Capsule Collection

Disney has teamed up with Givenchy to give everyone’s favorite spotted pups a couture makeover.

For the second chapter of its long-term collaboration with Disney, Givenchy has created a limited-edition capsule collection starring the beloved characters from the 1961 animated film. 101 Dalmatians.

Designed by Givenchy Creative Director Matthew M Williams in close collaboration with Disney, the capsule imagines Pongo, Perdita and their puppies on an adventure through Paris. Dalmatian puppies cavort in Givenchy’s 4G emblem or frolic on the balconies of the Hotel de Caraman, the brand’s Avenue George V address.

Cruella De Vil is also in town, touring Paris’s Golden Triangle with shopping bags over her arms, hopefully no fur coats.

Pieces for women and men include ready-to-wear, bags, shoes, small leather accessories and costume jewelry. For women, there are playful outfits in light pink, white and black; a T-shirt with puppies climbing up the Givenchy logo; and a black and white varsity jacket featuring a charming portrait of Perdita with a G-Lock collar.

For the men, a stern-looking Pongo, also sporting a G-Lock collar, appears in white or black-spotted separates, or tailored black suits. Meanwhile, the ripped and mended denim pieces feature Dalmatian-style black stains.

There are also wallets, card holders and caps printed with puppy motifs; bob hats; a Pongo shoulder bag; and a black backpack with a castle silhouette. Women’s footwear, from sandals to high-low tops, feature Perdita and her pups interspersed with the 4G emblem, while heart-shaped rings, earrings and pendants reference universal themes of love and loyalty .

A stern-looking Pongo stares out from a man's jacket.  Photo: Givenchy

Prices for the Disney x Givenchy 101 Dalmatians collection range from €390 ($407) to €3,990 for ready-to-wear, €220 to €1,590 for accessories, and €320 to €550 for jewelry.

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To bring the collection to life, Givenchy worked with Disney experts to create a short animated video featuring the playful puppies on a fantastical adventure through the streets of Paris, with a cameo from supermodel Kate Moss.

“Having the opportunity to tell a story and create new animation with the characters of 101 Dalmatiansthrough the imaginative and playful lens of the house of Givenchy, it was an absolute dream,” says Eric Goldberg, the renowned Disney director and 2D animator who oversaw the animated video.

“It was a real pleasure collaborating with such talented creators to bring these beloved characters back to life in such a unique way.”

Updated: July 04, 2022, 14:15