Does the Onslow County Schools ‘graphic book’ policy work?

Onslow County parents are divided over a recent issue regarding what some say is inappropriate and graphic content in school library books.

Angie Todd, a newly elected member of the board of education, shared her concerns in late October, saying she made a “heartbreaking” discovery as a result of a freedom of information request. Todd claimed that Dixon High School allows students to check out books from school libraries that contain what she called “graphic content” without parental consent.

Todd added that he discovered a similar list of ‘graphic’ books at another Onslow County secondary school. The list of books he included in a press release had topics ranging from LGBTQIA+ issues to abuse and other adult topics.

Some of the books Todd referred to include titles like Boy Meets Boy, A Complicated Love Story Set in Space, Homosexuality, Two Boys Kissing, Gay Power: The Stonewall Riots and The Gay Rights Movement of 1969, Autoboyography, LGBTQ: The Survival Guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning teens who look like me.