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Insurance agents want more informal meetings with clients

“A surprising number of agents responded to the question, ‘If time wasn’t an issue, what would you like to be able to do with your customers on a regular basis?’ they specified the desire to have coffee or tea with their customers,” Vertafore said.

Here are some agent responses to that question:

  • “I was meeting for coffee more often to learn about customer needs.”
  • “I want to invite my clients to have a coffee to be aware of what is happening in their lives.”
  • “My clients and I might have a cup of coffee together once a week to help keep track of what’s going on with them.”

“It’s no surprise that agencies want to spend more time with clients. Strong community and customer relationships make independent agencies special in the insurance ecosystem,” said Vertafore. “But it is clear that hot caffeinated beverages have a greater impact on maintaining these relationships than we would have imagined.”

Insurance agencies are increasingly using social media

For the first time, the survey asked agencies about their use of social media. More than one in four said they were active on a social media platform. The survey also found that agencies use social media to communicate more often than video conferencing (22%), agency portals/apps (21%), and carrier portals/apps (21%).

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“Agencies on social media are using it to educate followers, stay in touch with clients, attract new business and more, with some even turning to more advanced platforms like TikTok,” Vertafore said.

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Some agencies are still overwhelmed with paperwork

“In an average week, agencies spend more time communicating with clients than other tasks, but just barely,” Vertafore said.

When asked about the amount of time spent on tasks in an average week, 29% said “communicating with clients” took up the majority of their time, but “creating proposals” came in second at 26%. , according to the survey.

“Paperwork may not be the way most agents want to spend their time, but based on our numbers, it’s taking up a significant amount of their week,” Vertafore said.

Appreciation for new talent grows

According to the survey, one in seven respondents said they believed that recruiting and training new talent was the most important factor in the agency’s growth.

“The right onboarding and training can make the difference between attracting and keeping employees or constantly searching for a position,” Vertafore said.

Agencies want technology to be easy

Effortless adoption of new insurtech is a top concern for agencies looking to expand their technology, according to the survey. Fifty-eight percent of agencies said technology that is “easy to use” is a top priority when evaluating new products. For products that require more time to learn, 50% said they prioritize customer service.

“There are ways to ease the burden of adopting new technology, and once the technology is up and running, there should be more time for those coffees,” Vertafore said.

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