‘Emily In Paris’ Lily Collins (2022) Net Worth, Plus

Lily Collins net worth has definitely increased since he took the lead role in Emily in Paris. A member of the new generation of “nepo babies” that has taken over Tinseltown, Collins managed to make a name for himself early on. Of course it doesn’t hurt when your father is Phil collins!

With a host of roles under his belt, as well as two Golden Globe nominations, Collins is living the good life. lifetime. And this has to be reflected in your bank account, right?

Here is everything you need to know about Lily Collins net worth.

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How did Lily Collins become famous?

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Phil Collins, Lily Collins and Jill Tavelman

Let’s be honest, as Phil Collins’ daughter and his second wife Jill Tavelman, Lily Collins was in the spotlight before she knew what a spotlight was. She appeared in her first acting role at the age of two in the BBC series. growing pains. In 2009, she did a two-episode series on 90210. However, it wasn’t until he had his breakout role in 2009. the blind side that Collins began to make a name for himself outside of his famous father.

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