Emily In Paris: Lily Collins’ Bangs and 5 Other French Hairstyles to Try

Love it or hate it, Emily in Paris is back on our screens, and she already has everyone talking.

The Netflix show featuring Lily Collins as an American in France is now in its third season and opens with titular character Emily undergoing a rite of passage: cutting her hair to the extreme during a turbulent time in life.

On the show, Emily commits the cardinal sin of cutting her bangs (although the result looks suspiciously professional), and her roommate Mindy (played by Ashley Park) calls them “traumatic bangs.”

Despite the circumstances surrounding the haircut, Collins definitely pulls it off. She styles her bangs in a number of French-inspired ways, including full bangs with hollows, curtain bangs, and gelling them into a curl.

There’s a reason French style icons are so trend-setting: there’s something about the natural Parisian look that’s so chic. If you, like Emily, wanted to change your hairstyle, why not take inspiration from the French?

1. Birkin bangs

Collins’ look is a modern take on the French classic: the Birkin fringe. First popularized by fashion icon Jane Birkin in the 1960s (the same Birkin who named the Hermès bag after her), she paired long, tousled hair with long, messy bangs.

As with many distinctively French hairstyles, it’s all about a laid-back vibe. Aim for messy elegance, rather than having every hair in its place; it not only looks good but is also much easier to maintain.

2. Relaxed balloon

If long hair isn’t your thing, check out the book by Parisian designer Jeanne Damas, known for her understated style. This is a long bob, with hair grown around the shoulders, with face-framing curtain bangs.

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It’s another low-maintenance look: Unlike short bobs, which you have to trim fairly regularly, it’s harder to tell when a lob has grown. Plus, it looks even better messy, so you don’t need to brush your hair as often.

3. Amelie’s bob

The 2001 film Amélie is a cult classic, and Audrey Tautou’s character has one of the most iconic movie hairstyles out there.

It’s not for everyone and certainly harder to care for than a messy lob, but it’s really cool: chin-length bangs with baby bangs and flipped ends.

4. Messy hairstyle

Do you want to get that cool French look without having to cut your hair? Then you should try a relaxed messy updo. Worn by style stars like model Tina Kunakey, it looks just as good on the red carpet as it does off duty.

Suitable for virtually all hair types, although it looks particularly good with cascading curls, you don’t have to be a professional to get the look. All you need is to pull your loose hair into a high ponytail or bun, with lots of dangling tendrils.

5. Lots of layers

There’s a reason Brigitte Bardot went viral on TikTok this year: Her ’60s beauty looks are timeless.

She’s best known for her voluminous blonde hair – think lots of layers, wide curtain bangs, and if you’re brave enough, a tousled updo.