‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Fashion Will Feature Pieces From Thrift Stores

emily cooper is staying in Paris, which means fans can look forward to more fabulous fashion moments.

Emily in Paris star William Abadiewho plays Antoine Lambert in the Netflix series, recently told page six that costume designer Marilyn Fitoussi wanted to introduce new designers in Season 3.

“We all spend a lot of time in those dressing rooms and [Fitoussi] he made it a point to include new designers this season,” the actor shared. “[It’s] a sign of the times to bring high-end designers, new designers and also go to the thrift store and bring antiques and vintage pieces.”

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“Helps raise [the show] and bring diversity to fashion”, added Abadie.

Fitoussi took on the role of lead costume designer for patricia fieldwith whom he previously collaborated on wardrobe, for the new season, according to Daily women’s clothing.

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In a conversation with Netflix, Fitoussi discussed the use of vintage pieces in the third season. “I’ve always liked vintage, and this series allows me to wear vintage,” Fitoussi shared. One vintage piece that Fitoussi is raving about this season is a black and white fringed suede ensemble from Balmain. A woman in Bordeaux, who owns a vintage store, found the Balmain outfit on another vintage store’s website and told the costume designer about it.

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“She could have bought the piece and sold it to me. But no, it’s not the spirit of the people who make vintage clothes, it’s about loving the garment for the garment, for what it represents and the emotion it gives us”. Fitoussi said. “And we are all in love with this emotion. It is not a commercial idea, it is not the idea of ​​selling, it is about knowing that I am going to be able to benefit from a beautiful piece, because it really is a very beautiful piece. “

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When asked what fans will love about the locker room in Season 3, Fitoussi replied, “I think you’ll like that I never give up. I think you’ll love that I’m still fighting for the things I believe in, which is not compromising. , despite all the reviews from fashion magazines, websites, Instagram. Reviews that I don’t read at all, but which make me stronger every time. I think you will like that we continue to offer you unexpected and interesting things. We do not present you only with jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt and a hoodie.”

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Fitoussi continued: “We always go the extra mile, and we see them as an intelligent and receptive audience, who will understand the subtleties of both what is shown and what is said under the guise of a light and enjoyable series. [Emily in Paris] is that, but there is a whole second discourse that [creator] darren [Star] he also shares in his message: a message of tolerance, a message of rebellion; be ourselves, be unique, be different. You have to break the codes, you have to have self-trust.”

Check out what Emily and the rest of the team are wearing this season when Season 3 of Emily in Paris premieres December 21 on Netflix.

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